Chocolate Almond and Coconut Cookies


Seriously, these are the MOST DELICIOUS cookies I had ever tasted! They are perfectly balanced because in each bite you can taste and feel the texture of the organic coconut shreds, you can taste taste the Almond Spread, you can indulge the dark chocolate taste and you can enjoy the sweetness from the organic agave. These cookies are very easy to make. You do not need an oven, just a stove, a big pot and a refrigerator. These cookies are a blast to make during Christmas. You can also make them for Christmas parties and you are contributing to a healthy, vegan and delicious cookie that EVERYONE will love!

PS: I bet that if you add a pinch of peppermint essence, they will have a more Christmas spirit touch! I have not done that yet but when I do, I will let you know. I guess that  two or three drops will be fine.



yield: 12 cookies

2.5 cups oats

1 cup unsweetened and organic coconut shreds

1 cup Almond Spread

1/3 cup organic agave

1/2 cup coconut oil

2 tsp vanilla bean extract

6T unsweetened cocoa powder


1- In a large pot, add the organic agave, Almond Spread, organic coconut oil and stir on medium heat until everything is well mixed.

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2- Turn off the stove top and remove from the heat. Now, add the oats and organic coconut shreds and mix until everything coated evenly.


3- Add the unsweetened cocoa powder and vanilla bean extract and mix once again until all of the ingredients are mixed.


4- Now, in a cookie tray, add a tablespoon of the cookie mixture and shape it. Repeat the process until the batch is over.


5- Store the cookies in the freezer for 30mins.

6- Take out and they are ready to enjoy and share!