More PB + Chocolate Creations!

No, I am not obsessed with PB and chocolate  What makes you think that?! I recently posted my recipe of Chocolate Peanut Cup Pancakes and I had the idea of making it as a waffle. The idea really appeared because yesterday's night my roommate cooked waffles and it smelled very good. Basically, the procedure for this waffle … Continue reading More PB + Chocolate Creations!

Chocolate Waffle and Two Topping Ideas!

What do you like about waffles? I like the texture of it. I like the contrast that it has that it is toasty or crunchy in the outside but in the inside they are warm, moist and soft. What I also like about waffle is that the topping process is more fun! You can make … Continue reading Chocolate Waffle and Two Topping Ideas!