Welcome Zucchini to Icadelicias!

Oh Zucchini, how much i had underestimate you :(. But after inventing zucchini pancakes, I want to try EVERYTHING zucchini  So far I have done just pancakes, bread and cake and oats are following next...and since pumpkin season is already here, my boyfriend gave me the idea to bake a Zucchini Pumpkin Spice  I have treated … Continue reading Welcome Zucchini to Icadelicias!

Healthy Vegan and Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon is one of my favorite spices. You can add them to anything, either to food or drinks and it doesn't matter if it is sweet or savory. Besides, it has so many benefits. It is almost anti-everything and it is well known for regulating the sugar levels in the blood stream. So you can … Continue reading Healthy Vegan and Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls

Le Crepe Bowl

I saw this fun idea scrolling through my Instagram account so I gave it a try. I thought it was a different and funny way to enjoy crepes. You can fill your crepe bowl with anything (mousse or yogurt) and topped it with fruits and other toppings such as chocolate, coconut, nuts or PB. I … Continue reading Le Crepe Bowl

Arroz Con Dulce For Breakfast- A Puerto Rican Dessert Converted into Breakfast

Arroz con dulce is a Puerto Rican typical dessert and since I am not in my Island this Christmas, I woke up with the feeling of eating something that would remind me of my tradition. I thought that arroz con dulce would be a good option because is a dessert that I can transform into … Continue reading Arroz Con Dulce For Breakfast- A Puerto Rican Dessert Converted into Breakfast

Vegan Cornmeal French Toasts

Who likes cornmeal!?  These vegan french toasts are coated with cornmeal which gave them a nice vanilla flavor, a slightly crunchy texture and a good consistency. Just whisk the cornmeal with vegan milk and spices, soak the bread and let them cook at both sides until firm. I made a sandwich with almond butter and coconut … Continue reading Vegan Cornmeal French Toasts

Crepes filled with Strawberry Coconut Yogurt and a side of Banana Cinamon Rolls

This morning I woke up inspired and my imagination lead me to this final dish: Crepes filled with a Strawberry Coconut Yogurt and a side of Banana Cinnamon Rolls. Everything in this dish was delicious! For the strawberry coconut yogurt, I added mashed strawberries to the coconut yogurt until well mixed. For the banana cinnamon … Continue reading Crepes filled with Strawberry Coconut Yogurt and a side of Banana Cinamon Rolls

More PB + Chocolate Creations!

No, I am not obsessed with PB and chocolate  What makes you think that?! I recently posted my recipe of Chocolate Peanut Cup Pancakes and I had the idea of making it as a waffle. The idea really appeared because yesterday's night my roommate cooked waffles and it smelled very good. Basically, the procedure for this waffle … Continue reading More PB + Chocolate Creations!

Cinnamon Roll Crepes

Cinnamon Roll Crepes for breakfast!  I still haven't bake real cinnamon rolls but I am willimg to (promise) I had save some recipes but the procedure seems complicated and requires time. So I am planning to make them on a rekax Sunday when I can dedicate love and time to this famous dessert. In the meantime, … Continue reading Cinnamon Roll Crepes

Chocolate Peanut Cup Pancakes

Did I read correct?! Yes you did! Chocolate Peanut Cup Pancakes and they are low fat and low sugar. You do not have to worry about that, Icadelicias cares about your health. These consist of a chocolate pancake batter sweetened with organic agave. Then, you will mix peanut butter powder with water or milk (or half … Continue reading Chocolate Peanut Cup Pancakes

Berry Granola Pancakes

This pancakes have the whole package! They are smooth, sweet and juicy and also crunchy. Why? Because I had the awesome idea of adding granola and berries to the batter. The granola I used was homemade and I included the link here. I usually and orefer not to buy or consume store-bought granola because they usually … Continue reading Berry Granola Pancakes