Cheesy Scone

So delectable. This Cheesy Scone is everything you need. Seriously. I tasted it for the first time and for some seconds the time stopped.  It was an unexpected flavor that I had never taste before. In a part of your mouth you can taste a sweetness and in another a slightly cheesy flavor. The texture is … Continue reading Cheesy Scone

Chocolate Waffle and Two Topping Ideas!

What do you like about waffles? I like the texture of it. I like the contrast that it has that it is toasty or crunchy in the outside but in the inside they are warm, moist and soft. What I also like about waffle is that the topping process is more fun! You can make … Continue reading Chocolate Waffle and Two Topping Ideas!

Paradise Pancakes

Smooth. Sweet. Fluffy. Nutritious. Delicious. Instead of adding a mashed banana to the batter, I decided to add banana slices to the pancake in the pan. It added a layer of smoothness and sweetness to the dish. Besides, when you heat bananas, their flavor is maximize and you will also get a delicious aroma in … Continue reading Paradise Pancakes