Basic Vegan Sandwich Cookies

Vegan recipes can be so easily to make but at the same time can be so challenging. Most of my recipes are easy and usually quick. I had this recipe of Vegan Sandwich Cookies set up on my screenshot pictures long time ago. But Thanksgiving week seemed the perfect week to make them because I … Continue reading Basic Vegan Sandwich Cookies

Berry Nut Protein Bars

These Berry Nut Bars are a great option for a macro balanced snack. They are packed with 9g of fat, 28g of carbohydrates, 5g of fiber and 7g of protein. It is made with a base of nuts, oats, banana, dates and protein powder and topped with a berry chia jam. That simple! The crust … Continue reading Berry Nut Protein Bars

You won’t believe it is hummus!

Chocolate Hummus?! How can it be possible? Well, let me tell you that you won't even taste savory chickpeas. You won't even think that it is hummus. This sweet, delicious and healthy snack is made with hummus, organic agave and unsweetened cocoa powder. You can enjoy this as a snack with fruits, use this as … Continue reading You won’t believe it is hummus!

Low Fat Low Carb High Protein Chocolate PB Cups

Chocolate PB lover?!  Fat is fat. Even if it is from a healthy or no healthy source, calories are the same (9kcals for 1g of fat). What makes the difference is how those fats store in your body and how your body uses it. As a Chocolate PB Cup lover I have been modifying this … Continue reading Low Fat Low Carb High Protein Chocolate PB Cups

In which side are you? White or Dark?

Which side are you? White or Dark?  I will not judge you. I know that it is a difficult situation. Even if you ask me... I will always go for Chocolate+Peanut Butter. But here I leave you both recipes for you to choose, make them, taste them and choose them. Chocolate Peanut Cups Ingredients: yield: … Continue reading In which side are you? White or Dark?

Coconut Cashew Cups

Just say or ask and Icadelicias will try to make it real. About a month ago a posted the recipe of my Chocolate Peanut Cups and my sister asked/challenged me to make other cups with coconut in the outside and cashew in the inside instead for peanut. Well, I though about the recipe and put it … Continue reading Coconut Cashew Cups

Not Only Delicious But High Protein Mocha Tart

What is a tart? A tart is a dessert that contains a crust and a filling. I found this Mocha Tart recipe scrolling down on my Instagram account (@icadelicias) and could not resist the picture! The recipe is from @maryles_plantry. Although it seems a bit difficult to make, I wanted to give it a try … Continue reading Not Only Delicious But High Protein Mocha Tart