Baked Tofu, More Delicious

More savory tofu recipes? Yes! Even for me, tofu can be difficult to enjoy sometimes. Most of the time I use the same spices and same method to eat my tofu. It is basically, turmeric with nutritional yeast or garlic with coconut liquid aminos. At Instagram I had seen many pictures of baked tofu so … Continue reading Baked Tofu, More Delicious

Savory Toasted Chickpeas

Chickpeas are one of the first foods that anyone will recommend you to eat if you are going vegetarian or vegan. Chickpeas are high in fiber and protein with B complex. Chickpeas also help fight anemia. These beans can be eaten in a myriad of ways: boiled, with soups, mashed, as hummus, with salads, with … Continue reading Savory Toasted Chickpeas

Cheesy Scone

So delectable. This Cheesy Scone is everything you need. Seriously. I tasted it for the first time and for some seconds the time stopped.  It was an unexpected flavor that I had never taste before. In a part of your mouth you can taste a sweetness and in another a slightly cheesy flavor. The texture is … Continue reading Cheesy Scone

You will “beet” for these vegan burger <3

My heart "beets" for these vegan burgers! Just look at them, they are so alike as a real burger because of the color. This patty has its color because of the beets and black beans. They are also made with quinoa so these patties are high in quality and lean protein, healthy carbohydrates and fiber. … Continue reading You will “beet” for these vegan burger ❤

Gnocchis from Scratch and Avocado Sauce

Homemade ñoquis was an exciting, adventurous, frustrating but fun and successful experience. Ñoquis o gnocchis (the Italian grammar) are a type of pasta originated from Italy. Instead of being made with flour, these are made with mashed potato and flour. I consider these more nutritious because you have the benefits for the potato (fiber, minerals and vitamins) … Continue reading Gnocchis from Scratch and Avocado Sauce

Pasta with Tofu in Pumpkin-Basil Sauce

An "Italian voyage" with this pasta dish!  I made penne pasta and cooked tofu with soy sauce and garlic. Then, I warmed the pasta and the tofu with a pumpkin-basil sauce. This only consist in pureed pumpkin and basil. I love basil so much and I added this leave to almost every sauce I do. … Continue reading Pasta with Tofu in Pumpkin-Basil Sauce

Tofu Salad

I made this salad that consist of tofu, sauteed onions, baked potatoes and lettuce. It is a simple salad and you can add colors with tomatoes or carrots. I cooked the tofu with soy sauce and garlic. These are strong but balanced ingredients that will add flavor to the tofu. I compared tempeh vs tofu … Continue reading Tofu Salad

Tempeh for more vegan protein!

4 years vegetarian, 1 year vegan and I had never tasted tempeh until last week. I live in Puerto Rico and veganism is not common. I mostly find my vegan foods at Freshmart and not all the time they have vegan food on stock. For example, there I buy the Hemp Yogurt from Good Karma  and tofu. … Continue reading Tempeh for more vegan protein!

Tofu’meat’balls: High in protein and fiber

These are the best vegan meatballs! They have the perfect shape, they are flavourful and have a nice meatball consistency.The best part? The procedure is so easy and fast. You simply process all of the ingredients in the food processor, shape them into balls on the baking tray and let them get done in the … Continue reading Tofu’meat’balls: High in protein and fiber