Carrot Cake Ice Cream


Are you craving a generous, sweet and delicious piece of carrot cake but do not want to consume all that sugar, flour and fats? Your solution is to make a Carrot Cake Ice Cream! It natural sweetness comes from bananas and your choice of toppings, you get the vitamin A directly form the organic carrots and the crunchiness form the nuts. These ice cream have coconut shreds, pecans, blueberry chia jam and raisins.

You can also serve it in a deep dish and use you favorite type of fruit and toppings.

There are many ways of decorating your carrot cake ice cream. You just have to let your ideas flow and your imagination to create.



yield: 1 person

1medium carrot cut in small pieces or shredded

2frozen bananas chopped (about 6oz)

a pinch of nutmeg and cinnamon


Optional Toppings:

1T any nut

1T coconut shredds

1T raisins

Blueberry Jelly

Spiced Carrots


Coconut Oil



1- Pour all the ingredients for the ice cream in a blender or food processor until ice cream consistency and everything is well infuse.

2- Transfer it to a cold jar or deep dish.

3- Add the toppings you like!



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