Carrot Cake Bites


I am not a fanatic of making energy balls because I made a mess in the kitchen and my hands go sticky.  However, I made this Carrot Balls from Raw Manda and I loved them! I get so much fun, natural sweetness and Vitamin A! I do them over and over every time they run out. My sister and parents also love them!

Of course I adapted the recipe a little bit to my likes. I sometimes change the cover of the bites and use walnut or organic coconut shreds and also play with the spices. Once you made a batch every two weeks, you will become friendly with the procedure. The trick for not getting sticky hands is to have them wet or damp when shaping the balls.

The Carrot Cake Bites should be store in the freezer first until they get a nice consistency and the they can be transfer to the refrigerator.



yield: 10-14 balls

1/2 cup shredded, cut or baby carrots

1/2cup raisins


2/3cups oatmeal

nutmeg, ginger, tumeric and cinnamon to taste

1 clove

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/4 cupwater


Chopped walnuts or coconut shreds for rolling the balls.


1- In a food processor add the oats and blend until flour consistency.

2- Then, add the raisins until crumbled.

3- Add the spices and carrots and blend until well combined.

4- Add the vanilla extract with the dates and the water.


5-Once the paste is done, roll it into balls and pass them over chopped walnuts or coconut shreds.

6-Store them in the freezer for 2 hours and then pass them to the fridge.


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