Blueberry and Lavender Nice Cream


What a better dish than this Blueberry and Lavender Nice Cream after a yoga session!

YouTube has been AMAZING for me! I make ALL of my workouts thanks to YouTube videos: ballet, kickboxing, pilates, abs, exercise for arms and legs and now, yoga. Now, that I am less active, I do my video workouts from YouTube and it saves me time and money. Of course, you first have to do your research about what are the healthy and best workouts for you. Nowadays, there are many YouTube channels with any type of workout that is suitable for any person.

Lately, I have been thinking of taking yoga classes, but sometime I do not have the time to get to the classes or I simply can’t go that day and here were YouTube helps. I found a video of yoga that was very complete. It included stretching, strengthening and meditation. If you are looking for a specific type of yoga class such as kundalini, ashtanga, etc, you can also search them on YouTube. The experience of taking a yoga class in your house y very different than to take it in a class. Always use comfortable cloth, your yoga mat, music and essential oils like lavender or mint.

So, after a relaxing yoga YouTube Class that make me sweat my body wanted something refreshing and relaxing. Consequently, I prepared myself a Blueberry and Lavender Nice Cream made with lavender flowers. If you do not have lavender flowers, you may use an extract. You can slightly feel the lavender flavor in all of your mouth. It was really refreshing for my body. The Blueberry Nice Cream was very creamy and had a perfect consistency. I topped the Nice Cream with the Peanut Spread and Chocolate Fudge Squares and had a blast of post-workout yoga dish. I garnished the dish with the tiny lavender flowers.



yield: 1 person

1.5 cut and frozen banana

1/2 cup blueberries

1/2tsp lavender flowers

1/3cup water


a Peanut Spread and Chocolate Fudge Square

Lavender flowers


1- In a food processor add all of your ingredients and process until creamy.


2- Transfer your ice cream to the serving dish and place the toppings.