Blackberry and Mint Ice Cream


It looks like an açai bowl but it rreally is a Black Berry and Mint Ice Cream. The recipe is not of mine, but I would like to keep it and share it with you. It is very refreshing for a hot day. Actually, i did it because spring days in Puerto Rico are very hot. This ice cream consist of two frozen bananas and 1cup forzen black berries blended with 1/2tsp of mint extract. You can also use 1 cup of fresh mint leaves instead of the peppermint extract. I blend it with water and added coconut oil (and for the first time i saw how it turns form liquid to solid state!).



yield: 2cups ice cream

2 frozen bananas (3oz)

100g black berries

1/2tsp peppermint extract or 1 cup mint leaves

1/2cup water



1-Blend all the ingredients in a foor processor or blender until ice cream consistency

2-. Store the ice cream in the refrigerator or serve inmediatly in a glass.

3- Drizzle 2tsp of coconut oil if desire.


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