Banana Bread with Sweet Walnut Frosting

Originally this recipe supposed to be a Cheesecake but this was a non vegan recipe from Alex Traeger so the adaptation resulted in a banana cake with a walnut based frosting   For the frosting I used walnuts, agave and agar agar which is a vegan thickening agent. It is kind of the substitute of gelatin. I blended the walnuts with water, transfer it to a pot, stir in the sweetener and then add the agar agar. I let it boil and once it boiled, I turned the stove off, set aside and let it cool.

What I liked the most about this cake is how fluffy, moist and sweet it is. Because the banana and chia seeds make it rise a lot and be rich in texture and fluffiness.

For topping it, I prepared a raw-vegan caramel sauce and eat it with fruits like kiwi or berries


yield: 1 cake, 8 pieces

For the cake layer:

1 cup gluten free flour

2 scoops protein powder

1 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp sea salt

1/4 tsp cinnamon and/or nutmeg

1 T chia seeds

2 T water

1/4 cup organic agave

about 6oz of mashed bananas

water or vegan milk for mixing

For the Frosting:

3/2 cups walnuts (soaked overnight)

2 T agave

1 tsp agar agar

approximately 1/2 cup of water or vegan milk


For the Raw-Vegan Caramel Sauce

5 dates or prunes

about 1 cup of water


1- Soak the chia seeds with the water in a small bowl and set them aside.

2- Pre heat the oven 350F and grease a round baking pan.

3- In a big bowl, mash the bananas and mix in the liquid ingredients, including the soaked chia seeds.

5- Slowly, add the dry ingredients until everything is well mixed for the cake.

6- Pour all of the batter in the baking pan and bake approximately for 30 mins.

For the Frosting:

1-In the mean time, add the soaked cashews with water (about 1/2 cup of water, first) and blend until smooth. If it is necessary to add  more water, do so. You can also use vegan milk.

2- After that, transfer the walnut mixture to a small pot. Add in the agave and agar agar.

3- Turn on a stove top and let the walnut frosting boil. After it boiled, turn the stove off and set the pot aside to let it cool completely.

For the Caramel Sauce:

1- Blend the dates with the water in a blender until consistency. You may add more dates or water until reaching the perfect consistency. Feel free to add other components such as cinnamon, nutmeg, turmeric or ginger.


1- Once the cake is completely cool, spread the walnut frosting over it.

2- Cut into slices.

3- When serving, drizzle the caramel sauce and serve with your choice of fruits.