Baked Rawnola

If I should known before how amazing is a baked rawnola, I would have done it since the first time! You now that rawnola is chewy instead of crunchy, like regular granola is, but baked rawnola is crunchy too and it has the perfect crunchy texture. It is not the kind of crunchiness that would hurt your jaw. The best of it is that you can decide the size of the granola clusters! ❤

At first, I was thinking of making regular rawnola without nuts and suddenly, this idea of baking the rawnola popped out of my mind! I baked this rawnola with sliced almonds and organic coconut shreds.


yield: 8 cups

3 cups oatmeal

30 dates

1 cup raisins

1T cinnamon

1/4 cup organic coconut shreds

1/4 cup sliced almonds


1- Pre heat the oven at 180°C

2-In a food processor add all of the ingredients except the almonds and coconut shreds.

3- Blend until crumbs formed

4- Drizzle a baking tray with organic coconut oil.

5- Spread the rawnola crumbs evenly on the tray with the coconut shreds and sliced almonds. You may break or join clusters as you prefer.

6- Bake during ten minutes. Let cool completely and store.