Cornmeal and Oats

There is nothing more cozzy than a bowl of oats on cold day. Oats are well known for reducing cholesterol. When I was little, my mom or grandmother used to cook me runny oats, but when I became capable of preparing my own oatmeal, I liked it creamy and thick with a friendly texture that you can play with. Depemding with what you cooked your oats (water, almond or coconut), will be the liquid ratio. If you cook with water, I recommend to add small quantities of water in batches (1/2cup). With almon milk it is easier because the ratio can be 1:1. Coconut milk will make your oats creamier and richier, it is the best milk to use for oats.

After the oatmeal is ready, simply serve the oatmeal in a dish and add the toppings you want sush as: fruits, seeds, nuts, spreads or vegan yogurts. Topping your oats is also a creative, delicate amd fun process.

WP_20150329_029 Apple Chai 

 Baked Chocolate

WP_20150128_007 Banana and Strawberry

WP_20150419_003 Blueberry

WP_20150113_011 Carrot Cake

WP_20151115_011Cashew Spread

WP_20151102_007Cocoa Peanut Spread

WP_20150122_003 Coconut

WP_20141211_003Coconut Mocha


Cornmeal with raspberries and blue spirulina (2)Cornmeal With A Spirulina Chia Pudding

WP_20151106_007Ginger Couscous Porridge

Ginger and Molasses Oatmeal (4) Ginger and Molasses



WP_20150427_007 Peanut Butter and Jelly

WP_20150808_005 Pear

WP_20150420_011 Red Velvet

WP_20150117_004 Hemp Protein

WP_20150120_002 Mocha

WP_20150308_029 Green

WP_20160508_029Oatmeal in Pineapple

wp_20161101_002 Oatmeal Served In An “Almost Empty Nut Spread Jar”

WP_20150301_016 Pistachio, Peach and Dark Chocolate

Peppermint Mocha Oats (1) Peppermint Mocha

WP_20150123_006Peanut Butter and Banana

WP_20150317_003Sweet Potato

WP_20150322_005 Cocoa



WP_20150507_011 Spiced Macadamias

WP_20150426_001 with Toasted Pecans

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