Apple Chai Otmeal


Pieces of tender and sweet apple with crunchy bites of almonds and the aroma of chai. This oatmeal is perfect for a light meal on a cozy day. They say that an apple a day keep the doctor away. I am pretty sure that these ingredients will work really good for your tummy.



yield: 1 hungry person or 2 people

1 cup oats

100g Gala Apple chopped

1T almonds

1/4cup coconut milk

 one allspice

one clove

a pinch of anise seeds

1 cup ginger water (let the ginger stand in water for a day)



1- In a casserole mix the spices with the coconut milk and water on medium heat.

2- Stir in the oats, almonds and chopped apple.

3- Cook until oats are creamy. (about 5 mins).

4- Transfer the oatmeal to a deep dish and enjoy.




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