Healthy Vegan and Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon is one of my favorite spices. You can add them to anything, either to food or drinks and it doesn’t matter if it is sweet or savory. Besides, it has so many benefits. It is almost anti-everything and it is well known for regulating the sugar levels in the blood stream. So you can tell that cinnamon rolls are one of my favorite sweets and I have to tell that I am not a fan of sweets nor desserts. If I decide to have dessert or something sweet, I would rather have it first and then have the savory meal (#funfact).

I would usually do not enjoy a cinnamon roll frequently but when I did, it was one of those things that I really enjoyed with a coffee. 

Since I became vegan 2yrs ago, I have been able to transform a lot of recipes into healthy & vegan recipes… wait is vegan not always healthy?! Let me tell you that nooooo! A lot of people have a misconception about veganism, but here we are the vegan people to educate non vegans and people who wants or are making the transition. Vegan foods can sometimes have lots of sugar and fats (either healthy or non healthy fats) and may be poor in proteins. My goal with Icadelicias is to share healthy vegan recipes. That means that they would be macro friendly (I always try for them to be balanced in macros). If so, contains healthy fats and carbs and have quality protein.

I have been able to recreate cakes (chocolate, carrot), cheesecakes (vanilla, key lime), pies (pumpkin, sweet potato), cookies (chocolate chip), breads (banana) and the list goes on! But every time I read a vegan cinnamon roll recipe it just seemed too complicated and time consuming. But this Summer I challenged a special person to make vegan cinnamon rolls. We had a lot of fun making them but at the end they were too dry . So I wrote on my “To-do-list”: Healthy Cinnamon Rolls (and not dry ) My goal was to make a cinnamon toll low in sugar, moderated in carbs, low in fats and high in protein. And guess what?! Mission accomplished #veganpower !

I had to play between the milk and coconut oil ratio, the sugar amount, and flour to protein powder ratio. These babies are crispy in the outside and moist in the inside. I did not make an icing per se. I add coconut yogurt on top of it before eating it.

Their macros are 9g Fat 33g Net Carbs and 10g Protein


For the dough:

1 package of yeast

1tsp coconut sugar

1/2 cup warm water (110F)

1/2 cup + 1 T pea protein powder

2.5 cups gluten free flour

1/2 tsp vanilla

lots of cinnamon

ginger powder to taste

1/2 cup almond milk

1/2 cup water (or more if needed)

1/3 cup organic agave

3 T organic coconut oil


lots of cinnamon powder

ginger powder (if preferred)

sprinkle coconut sugar

Procedure :

1- First warm the water. Then, stir in the yeast packet with the coconut sugar. Let sit for 8 mins. You will notice how foamy it will turn (that is what supposed to happen)

2- In the mean time, mix all of your dry ingredients, but only use 2 cups of gf flour. The other 1/2 cup will be used for later.

3- Prepare the liquid mix by stirring the agave with the milk and coconut oil.

4- Now, add the yeast mix into the liquid one that you just made. After it being well incorporated, add it to the dry mix.

5- Keep mixing until everything is homogeneous. You may incorporate more water if necessary until all of the flour has been dissolved. You should en up having and elastic dough.

6- Once done, cover it with plastic wrap and let it rise inside the oven (turned off) for an hour.

7- After the hour, take out the dough (you should notice a slightly grow). Roll it into a floured surface and as you roll it and shape it, you will need to add more flour (That is why you reserved 1/2 cup of flour. You don’t have to use it all if it is not necessary).

8- Once you shaped it into a rectangle, sprinkle the cinnamon, ginger and coconut sugar.

9- Then, roll it and finally cut it into 8 pieces.

10- Carefully, place it into a greased squared pan and let it rise for a second time in the turned off oven for 45mins.

11- After the second rise, they are ready to be baked at 350F for 20mins.

12- Once baked, let them cool a bit and enjoy with your choice of icing and toppings.

I had enjoy mine with coconut yogurt, any nut spread drizzle and berries on the side.

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