Vegan and Powerful Banana Nut Bread

A Banana Nut Bread is a classic loaf to make. I would recommend baking this if it is going to be your first time baking. It requires a few ingredients, it is easy to make and you can never go wrong with bananas. Bananas make this loaf soft, smooth, moist and sweet without the need of eggs nor extra sugar.

I made the Banana Nut Bread with gluten free flour, coconut milk and vegan protein powder.

I topped the loaf with a walnuts (,my favorite nuts). They added a crunchy texture. I also sprinkled coconut sugar on top add a different but healthy ingredient and it added a hint of sweetness on the top. It is incredible because it would be usually the first thing that you taste with a bite.

This bread is perfectly and naturally sweet. I used 2 medium bananas. Besides the banana, I also used a bit of organic agave.

This loaf has no price to enjoy with fruits, peanut butter, a hot milk, coffee or hot chocolate. Just as a healthy dessert, snack or bite when you want something sweet.

Each slice has 2 g of fat, 28 g of net carbs and 8 g of vegan protein.



yield: 1 loaf (8 slices)

1.5 cups gluten free flour

1 tsp baking powder

a pinch of sea salt

cinnamon to taste

2 bananas (approx 3.5 oz)

1/4 cup organic agave

1/2 cup coconut milk (can use any other vegan milk)

Optional toppings:


Coconut sugar



1- Preheat the oven at 350ºF .

2- In a blender, blend the bananas with the coconut oil until homogeneus.

3- In a large mixing bowl, mix all of the dry ingredients.

4- Slowly, add the banana mixture into the dry mixture. Mix and incorporate the organic agave.

5- Once all uniform. pour the batter in to a loaf baking pan (oil sprayed).

6- Add the walnuts on top and sprinkled some coconut sugar.

7- Put in the oven and bake during 35 mins.

8- Once done, remove and let it cool completely.

9- Cut in slices and enjoy. Store in the refrigerator.

Nutrition facts: 2 g fat  28 g net carbohydrates    8 g protein

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