Tofu Based Coquito

Finally, I can enjoy a vegan, healthy, fun and delicious Coquito for Christmas. Making coquito with my grandmother, sister and cousin was always an activity that initiates the Christmas. We had always made it with and without rum because we were under 18 years but now, we are grown up! Last year I was transitioning to vegan so I drank the normal Puerto Rican Coquito which has milk (condensed+evaporated) and sometimes eggs. This year, I created my own recipe of a vegan coquito which I can enjoy while sharing with my family and it assures me a healthy and nutritious drink (even though it has alcohol; LOL)

I made two versions of the vegan coquito. I made one with nuts and the other with tofu. The results of each beverage are going to be slightly different. If you made the coquito with nuts, their flavor is going to be more nutty and the texture crumbly. This drink is going to be higher in fat content. In the contrary, if you made the coquito with tofu, the coconut flavor will stand out more, the texture is going to be smooth, the fat content would be less and the protein content would be higher. If you ask me, I liked more the tofu based coquito. Besides, isn’t it a great thing to have protein on your alcoholic beverage?! 

The other ingredients for a vegan coquito are coconut milk, preferably full fat because it is thicker and more intense in the coconut flavor. I used two types of alcohol, white rum. which is what the traditional recipe has and I also used a coconut rum that my sister gifted to me, cuz I am a COCONUT LOVER and coconut is never enough!  Then, I added some holiday spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. We had brought my vegan coquito to parties and everyone has liked it. They agreed that it is well balanced between the coconut and rum.

Since the Coquito has a slightly thick texture, it is not necessary to filter the beverage. But if you don’t like to fill the nut’s granules, then you can filter the Coquito similar to filtering a nut milk. You can use a cheese cloth for filtering it.



yield: 32 oz bottle

For the nut based:

1/2 cup soaked walnuts or cashews for at least two hours or overnight

For the tofu based:

6 oz tofu (may be silken or firm)

For both:

1 cup coconut milk

2 tsp vanilla essence

1 tsp cinnamon and nutmeg

2-4 cloves

1/4 cup Coconut Rum

1/4 cup white rum (for example Don Q or Bacardi)


For the tofu based:

1- Blend all of the ingredients with the tofu until homogeneous and creamy.

For the nut based:

1- Rinse the soaked nuts and blend them in the food processor with the coconut milk and rums.



2- Add the remaining ingredients and process until the granules of the nuts has broken almost entirely.

3- Transfer it to the bottle and store in the refrigerator until chill.

4- Enjoy as shots or glasses.


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