A complete course on tapioca rolls

Tapioca roll or also rice rolls were one of those foods that I discovered on Instragram and had been a while attempting to do them. Since one of my roomamates is from Japan she is very familiar with rice rolls so I have seen her a couple of times preparing them.

This weekend I was able to visit an Asian Market very close to where I live and found different sizes of tapioca and rice rolls. I chose rice rolls and gave them a try.

The tapioca rolls looks like plastic and they are rough so my roommate taught me that they need to get wet all around and in both sides. Therefore, they will soften and will be able to fold. Second, I learned that rolling/wrapping a tapioca roll is not the same as a burrito The filling ingredients should be inserted more to the end or top if the roll instead of in the middle. Third, becuase of the texture it is easier to fold in the tapioca rolls. Contrary to a flour tortilla, the tapioca rolls are flexible and they will stretch to fold.

Tapioca rolls are a low calorie food. For one sheet you get 6.88g carbohydrates and 0.53g of protein.

I filled the tapioca rolls with quinoa, tempeh, carrots, onions, sauerkaut and tomatoes. You can think of a normal dish or what you will fit in a burrito. I prepared a peanut “soy” sauce to dip them as sushi or pour over them.


3 tapioca rolls


1/4 cup dry

2/3 cup water

1tsp sofrito

3oz tempeh

Small cut onions

A cut tomato

1T Sauerkaut

3 kale leaves

For the sauce:

1/2 T peanut butter

1/2 T liquid coconut aminos

A splash of water

A splash of milk


1- Cook the quinoa with the tempeh, carrots and onions together with the water and the sofrito. It should be done when the water is absorbed.

2- Take a tapioca sheet and damp it with your wet fingers on both sides and in every part.

3- Put a kale leave on a tapioca sheet. Then, add a considerable amount of the cooked food and add the sauerkaut and tomatoes. Take one part of the sheet, cover the filling and start to roll it. Finally roll in the top and the bottom part of the sheet to seal the roll. Repeat the process with the other two rolls.

For the sauce:

1- Simply mix all of the ingredients until consistency.


1- Place the rolls in a dish and if you have remaining filling, put it also in the dish and set the dressing on the side or pour it over.


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