A complete course on tapioca rolls

Tapioca roll or also rice rolls were one of those foods that I discovered on Instragram and had been a while attempting to do them. Since one of my roomamates is from Japan she is very familiar with rice rolls so I have seen her a couple of times preparing them. This weekend I was … Continue reading A complete course on tapioca rolls

You won’t believe it is hummus!

Chocolate Hummus?! How can it be possible? Well, let me tell you that you won't even taste savory chickpeas. You won't even think that it is hummus. This sweet, delicious and healthy snack is made with hummus, organic agave and unsweetened cocoa powder. You can enjoy this as a snack with fruits, use this as … Continue reading You won’t believe it is hummus!

Banana and Chocolate Chip Muffins

These Banana and Chocolate Chip Muffins are a classic. Mines are sweetened with bananas, are fluffy and moist. I topped them with an original crumb topping made with organic coconut oil, oats, peanut powder and more cacao nibs. Ingredients: yield: 9 muffins 3/4 cup flour 1/4 cup pea protein 2T cup organic agave 1 large/5.5 … Continue reading Banana and Chocolate Chip Muffins


Who is a fan of falafels?!  I like falafels specially because they have very macro in them. They have plenty protein, complex carbs and fats. So I can enjoy falafels in a salad or anything in the side. Thesr falafels recipe was taken from a healthy living magazine amd I adapted it. They contain pistachios … Continue reading Falafels

An Update to My Peanut Granola

Peanut Spread Granola, definitely for peanut lovers! Although the peanut flavor is not dominant, the after state might. This granola thanks to Naturally Sassy is unique. It has a perfect crunchy texture (not too crunchy that it will hurt my jaw and neither soft or gooey. The flavor is smoky and slightly burnt but delicious. This … Continue reading An Update to My Peanut Granola

Vegan Mac & Cheese

Wow, I remembered that as a child I went regularly to a rest and my sister and I wnet crazy with their mac and cheese! It was like an addiction.  I think that what I most liked about them was the texture and of course flavor. But when I grew up, learned about nutrition and … Continue reading Vegan Mac & Cheese