Coconut Cashew Cups

Just say or ask and Icadelicias will try to make it real. About a month ago a posted the recipe of my Chocolate Peanut Cups and my sister asked/challenged me to make other cups with coconut in the outside and cashew in the inside instead for peanut. Well, I though about the recipe and put it into practice. Vooilááá! Coconut Cashew Cups created by me and the idea from my sister.

So, I wanted these cups to be not too high in fats and high in protein. For the coconut part I used tapioca starch, coconut milk, coconut oil, maple syrup, organic coconut shreds and pea protein powder. If you do not have tapioca starch you may use cornstarch. I decided to use tapioca starch because I knew that it will give me the desired consistency without adding the fat, then I added the coconut oil to intensify the coconut flavor and the consistency. I added organic coconut shreds which added a nice texture in each bite.

For the cashew spread, I made my own but you can use store bought cashew spreads. Cashews are my favorite nuts. They have a neutral flavor that I find delicious. What I also like about them is that I can use them for anything in the kitchen: sauces, dips, cheese, desserts, etc. Did you knew that cashews are the nuts with the less fats? A serving of cashews (1/4 cup) has 14g of fat. I like the Cashew Spread very much because it has a softer texture and it stands out the cashews flavor.

So the cashew spread adds an unusual and delicious flavor inside the coconut cup. It also gives a softer and delightful texture.


yield: 8

1.5 scoop pea protein powder

1T tapioca starch

1/4 cup organic coconut oil

1/4 cup water

1/2 cup coconut milk

1T  maple syrup

3T organic and unsweetened coconut shreds

8 T cashew spread


1- In a sauce pan add the protein powder and tapioca starch with the water, coconut milk, coconut oil and maple syrup.

2- Stir on low heat until everything is completely dissolved and turn off the stove.

3- Now, add the coconut shreds and stir.

4- Transfer 1/4 cup of the coconut mixture in eight muffin molds.

5- Include a tablespoon of cashew spread in the middle of the mixture.

6- Add three more tablespoons of the coconut mixture on top.

7- Add a topping if you want. I topped each cup with a cherry. You can use chocolate chips, cashews, bananas or berries.


8- Transfer them to the freezer for at least an hour. After the hour you can pick them because they would have gained the consistency.

Nutrition Facts: 15.75g Fat     8.91g Carbohydrates     6.51g Protein

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