Be a “Guilt-free” Cookie Monster with These Cookies Recipes

In this post I want you to have a few recipes about vegan cookies. There are many types of vegan cookies: soft, crunchy, raw or baked.

When I was little I remember eating chocolate chips cookies and oatmeal cookies but when I became conscious about my eating habits those pleasures where gone. With time I did not have cravings for those kind of cookies but when I discovered that I can eat them as a vegan version happiness came!

It became difficult to me to find a vegan recipe that did not have sugar or butter in it because sugar and butter are the base for perfect cookies but this recipes proof that wrong!. I found many recipes without sugar nor butter and adapted them to my tastes and ingredients.

Chocolate chip cookies are a classic! These ones are crunchy and are the ones that looks the most to a non-vegan cookie. These are the perfect cookies for Santa! They pair perfectly with a glass of cold milk.

Chocolate Coconut Almond Cookies

Wow! I do remember these cookies! These are the best flavored cookies. You can taste the chocolate, almond butter, the coconut shreds and also fill the texture of the coconut shreds. These cookies are vegan gluten free and do not require baking. You just shaped the batter and store it in the refrigerator.


Raisin Cookies

Raisin and oatmeal cookies are another classic! These ones have a soft texture and are gluten free. They require just 20 mins of baking.

Banana Cookies

These cookies were DELICIOUS! But for my taste, they were too sweet. They are super healthy and will energize you because they have nut butter, oats and banana. They also have a soft texture, are gluten free and require baking.


Protein Cookies

These are my newest cookies and are the new sensation in the family! My mother have many sweet cravings and my grandfather is diabetic so after they tasted these cookies they told me to make a batch for them. These cookies have 6g of protein 10g carbohydrates and 6g fat.They have a texture between crunchy and soft and do not require baking.

That’s it for my vegan cookies recipes. I hope you try one of those recipes and share them on social media and tag me @icadelicias. Remember that you can adjust these recipes to your likes and needs.

See, vegans do not have to sacrifice any pleasure, you can still enjoy your favorite cookies and they will make you healthier and not ill.

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