Variation: Peanut Butter and Banana Chocolate Cups


I have frequent customers for the Cocoa Peanut Spread because they are also Reese’s lovers and they have found a product that solves and pleased their cravings for Reese’s. Now they do not have to worry about the sugars, carbohydrates, fats and preservatives.

The Cocoa Peanut Spread is my favorite spread of all! So, inspired in this spread and in those Reese’s lovers that are now Icadelicias Cocoa Peanut Spread lovers, I developed these peanut and chocolate cups. These cups have essential fatty acids from the unsweetened cocoa powder, organic coconut oil and peanut spread. Each cup contains the protein from the unsweetened cocoa powder and peanut spread also. I also decided to add soy protein soy these babies can be protein packed which is better for your fitness goals. Their only carbohydrate source is the organic agave and it is even optional because if you prefer a bitter taste 9like dark chocolate), then you don’t have to add the agave. I mixed them with a little bit of coconut milk (you can use any milk) to make more servings. These Icadelicias Peanut Spread and Chocolate Cups are high in essential fatty acids, protein and low in carbohydrates. These are enough for them to be categorized as a guilt free food.

The only ingredients that you will need are organic coconut oil, unsweetened cocoa powder, peanut butter and organic agave. These cups need to be store in the refrigerator at first minimum for 30 mins and then you can move them to the fridge. I used muffin’s silicone molds.

I topped them with organic coconut shreds but you can topped them with fruits (strawberries, banana, kiwis) or even pretzel chips and sea salt or more peanuts.


yield: 6cups

1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder

1/3 cup organic coconut oil

1/4 cup organic agave

6 T peanut butter

1/4 cup coconut milk

1 scoop pea protein powder


1- In a container simply mix all of the ingredients except the peanut butter until completely smooth, homogeneous and with no clumps left.

2- Pour a quantity of the chocolate mixture in each muffin cup (approximately fill , 1/3rd part of the mold)

3- Add a the peanut butter tablespoon in each chocolate batch and topped with more chocolate or mix with the chocolate in the bottom.

4- Add a topping if desired.

5- Store in the freezer for 30 mins and enjoy!

As a peanut butter and chocolate lover, I made a variation of my cups. This batch had a sliced of a banana in the middle within the peanut butter and topped with peanuts. The banana in the middle added a sweet flavor so the contrast between salty, bitter and sweet is more intense. It also changes the texture because it has a soft (gelatin-like) texture. It is more refreshing and fun! The peanuts on top add a crunchier texture and saltier contrast.

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