A Funnier Twist to your Nut Butter Sandwich

Give a twist to your nut butter sandwich with this waffle sandwich! Instead of using two slices of bread, use halves of a waffle. Waffles make everything funnier and more delicious.

You may see the waffle green and it is not your eyes, it is not that you are color blind, the waffle is actually grind because I use hemp protein powder. Hemp protein powder is green color, I have not seen it white yet, if you do please talk to me, I prefer a non color because as you can see it affect some of the dishes. Besides the color that can be appealing some times, hemp protein powder is a high quality source, is high in fiber, low in carbs and naturally packed with Omega 3 and healthy fats. If you are going to use hemp powder, I strongly recommend that you use the vanilla flavor one because I once bought the non-flavor and it tasted awful, I had to sweetened it ASAP. 

To actually make a waffle sandwich, the waffle has to be perfectly cooked because you need a firm consistency to be able to open it through the middle so you can filled it with the nut spread and banana.

I used Icadelicias Chocolate Coconut Spread, which was another seasonal flavor I did for February but you can use any Nut Spread. I added bananas because..bananas  There is no better fruit to use with a nut butter sandwich than banana but you can use berries, kiwis, etc.

Finally, you can eat it as a sandwich; with your hands! There is no need of a fork and a knife.


yield: 1 serving

1/4 cup whole wheat flour

1/8 tsp baking powder

a pinch of sea salt

3 T hemp protein powder (or the one you use)

powder of 1 spirulina capsule (optional)

a dash of cinnamon

water for mixing


Icadelicias Nut Spread (any that you have)

Banana slices (you may use any other fruit)


1- Turn on you waffle iron and let it warm on maximum.

2- In a bowl mix all of the dry ingredients and carefully add the water until consistency.

3- Pour all of the batter in the waffle machine and let it cook 3 minutes each side. Turn off the iron and cautiously, remove the waffle.

4- Cut the waffle in the middle. Take a half and cut in the middle again. Now fill the waffle with the nut spread and fruit. Repeat the process with the other half and enjoy!

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