Vegan Coconut French Toasts filled with Chocolate Spread and Bananas

If I have Baby Blue Coconut Bread, I have to get the most out of it. This bread drives me so crazy that it blows my creativity. Few days ago I posted the recipe of Almond Spread French Toasts Sandwich and today I am sharing Chocolate and Banana Coconut Sandwich French Toast.

For this luscious breakfast I used Baby Blue Coconut Bread, Icadelicias Chocolate Hazelnut Spread and a banana. I made the Chocolate Hazelnut Spread for February and had some let. People love chocolate+hazelnut and Icadelicias offers a healthy Chocolate Hazelnut Spread with only 8 grams of sugar and it has no palm oil nor artificial preservatives. But I am sorry to inform you that if you could not get it this time, you will have to wait until next year because this is a seasonal flavor during February  Nonetheless, you can buy our Chocolate Peanut Spread. It has the same ingredients as the Chocolate Hazelnut Spread, the only difference (obviously) are the salted peanuts instead of the raw hazelnuts. Sincerely, The Cocolate Peanut Spread is my favorite. I can simply enjoy a tablespoon and with bananas it is even better!

For the french toasts, first “spread the Spread” on both slices pf bread and carefully, place the banana thin slices. Now, you can soak and cook them.

*Just a little reminder: Do not forget to add the coconut flour or cornmeal to the french toast mixture because you will end up with a messy french toast sandwich*

I was wondering why the sandwich was so pappy when I transfer it to the pan and then, I remembered that I did not add any thickener to the mixture and it was too late to fix it, they were already in the pan, so I had gooey french toasts, LOL! That is the story that explains why you may see the dish in the picture a little messy.

An advantage of this french toast is that heating up the chocolate spread and the bananas boosted their flavors into a nutty and sweeter one!


yield: 1 person

2 slices of Baby Blue Coconut Bread

Icadelicias Chocolate Spread (any variation that you have)

1/2 cup coconut milk

1 T coconut flour or cornmeal

vanilla and cinnamon to taste

a banana in slices


1- Generously, “spread the Spread” on the bread and add the thin banana slices on top, close it and cut it in half.

2- Then, prepare the mixture to soak them in by mixing all of the ingredients.

3- Turn on the pan on medium heat and drizzle organic coconut oil.

4- Once the sandwich is soaked completely, transfer them to the pan and cook them for 7 minutes, approximately for one side and then 3 mins on the other. Make sure that it is cooked until it had a firm consistency.

5- Once done, turn off the pan, serve the french toasts and enjoy!

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