Pistachio Milk

I have a client who is a lover of the Pistachio Spread and she mentioned to me that she uses to buy a pistachio milk a particular supermarket and that she loves to have her coffee with this milk. Obviously, I wanted to adventured to make my own pistachio milk because I am a nutty person (xD), I mean I am working with nuts daily.

To make a pistachio milk, or any other type of milk, is a quick and easy process. Before making it, make sure that you have a milk cloth, with this it will be easier to filtered you milk. Filtering the milk means to avoid the milk to have lumps of nuts pieces. The meal you get after you filtered the milk is very useful for adding to any course you’ll make in a future, for example, pastries, sweets, patties or sauces.

Back to the process, you first need to soak the nuts for a minimum of four hours. This is the most important step because the nuts soften and the process of “milking” is easier. Then you rinse them, blend with water, filtered and chill in the fridge!

The result I got was a perfectly balanced pistachio milk!


yield: 750ml

1 cup unshelled pistachios

2 cups water

vanilla to taste (I added 1T)

ginger (optional, I added 1t)

Milk Cloth


1- Let the nuts soaked for a minimum of 4hours.

2- Rinse them very well to make them clean.

3- Add them to the blender with 2 cups of water. Add also the vanilla and ginger or any other flavoring or spice that you would like to add.

4- Carefully, filtered the milk with the milk cloth over a container for liquids.

5- Once completely filtered, pass it to the bottle and store in the refrigerator.

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