How to make sweet potato wedges

I can easily get an overdose of vitamin A eating these sweet potato wedges! Sweet potatoes are my favorite starch vegetable. They are sweet in a balance way so I can use them for a sweet or savory dish. Sweet potatoes are also very healthy, like carrots they are loaded with vitamin A, contains carotene … Continue reading How to make sweet potato wedges

Oatmeal Rasin Cookies

This is another recipe from Food is Medicine that my father sent me. As a healthy vegan eater I found out that I do not consume cookies because most of them have lots of sugar and vegan butter but this recipe is perfectly healthy. The original recipe included coconut sugar and apple sauce but I … Continue reading Oatmeal Rasin Cookies

Fermented Vegetables

I did not know the importance of probiotics until I missed them! When I was vegetarian my main source of probiotics was the greek yogurt but when I turned vegan my consumption of probiotics was minimum or none. Months later my digestive system started to suffer the consequences and I heard about kombucha. Kombucha helped … Continue reading Fermented Vegetables

Pistachio Milk

I have a client who is a lover of the Pistachio Spread and she mentioned to me that she uses to buy a pistachio milk a particular supermarket and that she loves to have her coffee with this milk. Obviously, I wanted to adventured to make my own pistachio milk because I am a nutty … Continue reading Pistachio Milk

Baked Rawnola

If I should known before how amazing is a baked rawnola, I would have done it since the first time! You now that rawnola is chewy instead of crunchy, like regular granola is, but baked rawnola is crunchy too and it has the perfect crunchy texture. It is not the kind of crunchiness that would … Continue reading Baked Rawnola

Secret Ingredient Brownies

I was going to cook my Vegan Brownies with Cashew Frosting but I had a bowl of cooked black beans which I was not going to use for lunch so it occurred to me to add them to the batter of my brownies. Therefore, I would have a nutrient dense brownies. I did not think … Continue reading Secret Ingredient Brownies

Incredible Vegan Mushroom Soup

Mushroom is on of my favorite vegetables because of its texture. I specially love mushrooms with sauteed onions. As a vegan I may not be able to eat the mushroom soups that many restaurants serve because they contain chicken broth, milk or cream. I created my own vegan version which has, of course, mushrooms, sauteed … Continue reading Incredible Vegan Mushroom Soup

Raw Carrot Cake with Lime Cashew Frosting

Carrot Cake is a lovely cake that most people like. It has so many elements in ti: carrot, nuts, dried fruits, and frosting! It sounds like it has lots of calories, uuh? But think about it, it is one of the healthiest desserts because it has: 1- Vitamin A from carrots 2- Healthy fats, fiber … Continue reading Raw Carrot Cake with Lime Cashew Frosting

Vegan Mexican Wrap

I had find out that I like SO MUCH the┬áMexican food, specially vegan burritos. I enjoyed eating them so much because I like the soft textures of the avocado, refrito and suddenly the grainy textures that the rice adds up and then, the crunchy of the side of chips! Besides, it is also a complete … Continue reading Vegan Mexican Wrap