Vegan French Toasts!

Vegan French Toasts or Deconstructed Pistachio Spread Sandwich? Either way you want to named this dish, it is extremely  DELICIOUS! This french toasts are very soft and juicy and a little bit crunchy in the outside. I soaked them on coconut milk with coconut flour and flax seeds. The coconut flour made the outside crunch … Continue reading Vegan French Toasts!

A Binding Experience Making a Banana “Cream” Pie

My dad is constantly sending me amazing, fun and delicious recipes from Food Medicine (look for them on FB). Even though he is not vegetarian neither vegan, he is very conscious about living a healthy lifestyle. His favorite desserts are raw/vegan ones. He likes the texture, the flavor and the nutrition they contribute. He loves … Continue reading A Binding Experience Making a Banana “Cream” Pie

Pesto Pasta

Wow Wow Wow!!! What a bowl of pasta! I do not know why most of the people are afraid of pastas...they won't bite you xD. Just kidding! Pastas can be high in carbohydrates but please,  DO NOT forbid yourself of indulging some foods. For example, you can have pastas but in smaller portions and have … Continue reading Pesto Pasta

Wonderful Cornmeal Pancakes

I love cornmeal, I do not why but they have sch a texture that I just like it so much! I like cornmeal for breakfast, arepas or even "sorullitos de maíz" (It is the only fried food that I eat, but I just cant resist them. Besides, they pair along with beer xD) Well, these … Continue reading Wonderful Cornmeal Pancakes