Icadelicias Nice Cream: Mango And Blueberry


I named this nice cream Icadelicias because it has the colors of the company: yellow and purple. I made the yellow color with mango and turmeric. The purple color is made of blueberries. I topped the nice cream with raw cacao nibs and berries.


yield: 2 servings

For the yellow color:

2 bananas frozen and chopped

the flesh of 1 whole mango

2 tsp turmeric powder

protein powder (your favorite brand and the portion you need)

For the purple color:

1/2 cup of frozen blueberries

2 bananas frozen and chopped

protein powder



For the mango nice cream:

1- Blend all of the ingredients in the food processor until having an ice cream consistency.

2- Divide in two and serve.

For the blueberry nice cream:

1- Repeat the same process.

* You may add water if necessary*


1- Add your favorite toppings.


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