Protein, Fiber and Energy Packed Quinoa Truffles

These Quinoa Truffles are a healthy, fun, delicious and unusual kind of truffle. These truffles are primarily made with quinoa. As you should know or heard, quinoa is a Peruvian ancient grain complete in amino acids. That is why quinoa is considered a super food and is essential in a vegan's diet. What I like … Continue reading Protein, Fiber and Energy Packed Quinoa Truffles

Nut Free, Raw and Vegan Dark Chocolate Tart

This AWESOME vegan dark chocolate tart is made by veganwhat (Instagram) This raw dessert is nut free! The crust is made with oats and dates. Its texture is chewy, since it doesn't have any nut. The filling is just unsweetened cacao powder with organic agave and organic coconut oil. This part is an explosion of … Continue reading Nut Free, Raw and Vegan Dark Chocolate Tart

Icadelicias Nice Cream: Mango And Blueberry

I named this nice cream Icadelicias because it has the colors of the company: yellow and purple. I made the yellow color with mango and turmeric. The purple color is made of blueberries. I topped the nice cream with raw cacao nibs and berries. Ingredients: yield: 2 servings For the yellow color: 2 bananas frozen … Continue reading Icadelicias Nice Cream: Mango And Blueberry

Christmas Nice Cream

I love playing with colors in my dishes. I think that having a colorful course enthusiasm more to eat, it looks prettier and so it is more appealing. For a nice cream, there are millions of flavors and creations because your imagination is unstoppable. In honor of the Christmas Season I created this green and … Continue reading Christmas Nice Cream

Chocolate Pecan Muffins

I am really not a muffin lover but these muffins are really worth it! They have the perfect balance between the sweetness and chocolate flavor. They have also crunchy pecan bites. They have a firm texture and I can almost compare it to a cake. This recipe is from the amazing Papaya Sunshine (look for … Continue reading Chocolate Pecan Muffins