Orange and Pecan Tart

Orange + Pecans, what a delicious combination! This raw dessert have the citric flavor or fresh squeezed oranges and the nutty flavor of raw pecans. Once again, this recipe is adapted from Naturally Sassy. The Orange Pecan Tart is a super easy and fun sweet to make. You only need a food processor and a … Continue reading Orange and Pecan Tart

A Christmas Spirited Pancakes

What Puerto Rican do not like a chilled Coquito during Christmas meetings? I made my own version of vegan coquito and then make this Coquito Pancakes topped with berries and a coquito sauce. The recipe for Vegan Coquito is here. The only detail... is that the coquito has rum, but believe me that you won't … Continue reading A Christmas Spirited Pancakes

Vegan Coquito

Finally, I can enjoy a vegan, healthy, fun and delicious Coquito for Christmas. Making coquito with my grandmother, sister and cousin was a always an activity that initiates the Christmas. We had always made with without rum because we were less than 18 years but the granddaughters had grown up and we are up to … Continue reading Vegan Coquito

My Adaptation of a Lemon Almond Tart

...Ok, ok... I supposed that yo had notice that I am a HUGE fan of Naturally Sassy. She and I share many things in common and when I first knew about her, I was shocked because I could not believe that there was another ballerina and entrepreneur oriented to a healthy lifestyle and that like … Continue reading My Adaptation of a Lemon Almond Tart

Got Beans? Got Patties!

These patties had been the best that I had ever done! They were so but so savory with a touch of garlic. The main ingredient for this patties were peas. I use to buy dry beans, garbanzos, lentils, etc, cook them and then store them in the refrigerator or fridge them. I usually eat them with … Continue reading Got Beans? Got Patties!

Peanut Spread Granola

Peanut Spread Granola, definitely for peanut lovers! Although the peanut flavor is not dominant, the after state might. This granola thanks to Naturally Sassy is unique. It has a perfect crunchy texture (not too crunchy that it will hurt my jaw and neither soft or gooey. The flavor is smoky and slightly burnt but delicious. This … Continue reading Peanut Spread Granola