More Delicious And Healthy Pumpkin Spice Recipes!


Remember the post about the pumpkin spice batch? Well, here is another dish to create! This crepe is all you need to kill that pumpkin spice craving.

I was thinking that I still had enough pumpkin spice batter and did not want it to spoil so I thought about a recipe where I was going to use enough batch. What a better dish than a crepe!



yield: 1 serving

For the batter:

1/4cup whole wheat flour

a pinch of salt

2T vegan protein powder

water for mixing

For the filling:

2-3T Pumpkin Spice Batch

Optiona Toppings:



Peanut Spread


1- Turn on a pan on medium heat with a drizzle of organic coconut oil.

2- Prepare the crepe batter by mixing all of the ingredients until consistency.

3- Pour all of the batter in the pan and let cook until complete done (about 5mins).wp_20161011_002wp_20161011_003

4- Flip the crepe and cook another minute.

5- Once cooked, transfer the crepe to the serving dish.

6- Spread the pumpkin spice batch, fold the crepe as you best like it and add the toppings.


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