Have Quinoa For Breakfast Too!


I dare to say that quinoa is the most important grain for vegans. It is packed with essential fatty acids (minimum quantity), healthy carbs, fiber and high quality protein. When, I mean HIGH QUALITY PROTEIN is that it almost has ALL of the AMINO ACIDS, which are the BUILDING BLOCKS of protein. It is very important that you understand this fact because not every protein has the amino acids.

The quinoa is mostly consume as lunch or dinner but if you use your creativity and explore your culinary skills, you can enjoy this ancient grain as breakfast or dessert. For example, I cooked a Cinnamon Quinoa for breakfast an topped it with mango, kiwi and Icadelicias Almond Spread.



yield: 1 serving

1/4cup dry quinoa

2/3 cup water

2T cinnamon




Icadelicias Almond Spread


1- In a pot bring the quinoa with the cinnamon and water to boil.


After boiling, lower the heat and cook until the grain has open.

2- Turn off the stove top and transfer the quinoa to the serving dish.

3- Add the toppings and enjoy!

wp_20161001_006 wp_20161001_005

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