The Secret To Moist And Fluffy Pancakes

I haven't had banana pancakes in a while! Banana Pancakes, for me, are the BEST pancakes! Not just because I LOVE bananas, but because this fruit adds moisture, fluffiness and natural sweetness to pancakes. Just in case you did not know...bananas are a great substitute to eggs on the baking campus. When mashed, they have … Continue reading The Secret To Moist And Fluffy Pancakes

Chocolate Waffle with Cashew Spread Sauce

As you may noticed, I am a CHOCOLATE LOVER! I made Chocolate Waffles with a banana, berries and a basic Icadelicias Cashew Spread sauce. The Cashew sauce is only mixed with almond milk. You may add any spice or sweetener as you preferred. Sometimes waffles can be dry, but with a drizzle of this Cashew … Continue reading Chocolate Waffle with Cashew Spread Sauce

Tomato Cashew Sauce

I don't know if you have been connected with my IG or FB account; if so, you may noticed that the Cashew Spread has been my new Peanut Spread (xD). I am in LOVE with the CASHEW SPREAD because it's flavor is so soft that you can use it either in sweet or salty dishes … Continue reading Tomato Cashew Sauce

Fall’s Vegan Risotto

Risotto is and Italian dish primarily made with rice and cheese. It should have a sticky consistency and a buttery and cheesy flavor. Risotto is a dish that requires time, patience and love for it to be perfectly cooked even if it is vegan or not. This risotto is made of QUINOA instead of rice … Continue reading Fall’s Vegan Risotto

Why I Became Vegan

I was a "normal" girl who ate rice and beans with chicken, churrasco or fish. I ate lean pork meat, corned beef and pastas with beef or chicken. I did not care about eating fried foods like "tostones", empanadas, nuggets, potatoes, etc. I ate lots of cereal (Cheerios, Fruit Loops, Rice Krispies, Pops, Kellogg, etc) … Continue reading Why I Became Vegan

More Quinoa For Breakfast!

As you'll guess, Fall Season is for making everything pumpkin spice. I cooked this quinoa porridge for breakfast and added the Pumpkin Spice Batch and the result was a delicious, fun and nutritious, sweet dish, high in protein, high in fiber, minerals and vitamins. Many people are skeptical towards the pumpkin spice flavor because they … Continue reading More Quinoa For Breakfast!

More Delicious And Healthy Pumpkin Spice Recipes!

Remember the post about the pumpkin spice batch? Well, here is another dish to create! This crepe is all you need to kill that pumpkin spice craving. I was thinking that I still had enough pumpkin spice batter and did not want it to spoil so I thought about a recipe where I was going … Continue reading More Delicious And Healthy Pumpkin Spice Recipes!

Fall’s Favorite Flavor

The pumpkin spice flavor has revolutionized the World. Nearly, from September until November, EVERYTHING is pumpkin spiced; candles, scents, food, desserts, coffee and other beverages. This delicious and revolutionary fall flavor is very easy to make. In this post, I will provide you the recipe to prepare your OWN pumpkin spice batter. Of course, you … Continue reading Fall’s Favorite Flavor

Vegans Have Lots Of Protein For Breakfast Too!

Chia puddings, hemp seeds, other seeds, nuts, spreads and vegan protein powders are the MAIN sources of protein that a vegan person can nurture of. Specially in the breakfast where it is said that it must be protein packed. Many studies had proof and I am certain of it, that a healthy breakfast will balance … Continue reading Vegans Have Lots Of Protein For Breakfast Too!

Have Quinoa For Breakfast Too!

I dare to say that quinoa is the most important grain for vegans. It is packed with essential fatty acids (minimum quantity), healthy carbs, fiber and high quality protein. When, I mean HIGH QUALITY PROTEIN is that it almost has ALL of the AMINO ACIDS, which are the BUILDING BLOCKS of protein. It is very … Continue reading Have Quinoa For Breakfast Too!