My First Waffle After A LOOOOOONG Time


Uuuuuuuf! I did not make waffles after a LONG time. Maybe, because my mornings were rushed or I was busy during the day, but it has changed! Now, I am not rushed in the mornings and am more organized during the day and that saves me time to make the perfect batter, wait for the waffle iron to warm and to cook the waffle perfectly and topped it in a fun and delicious way.

So, I made this first waffle for a SPECIAL PERSON; a WAFFLE LOVER; MY DAD. He, seriously, has a love for waffle and what better waffles to enjoy that those made by his daughter?! (xD)

Here are some tips to master waffles:

The perfect waffle should be crunchy in the outside but soft and moist in the inside. For this to happen, you need two things:

1-The BATTER cannot be runny neither thick.

I think that mastering the batter of the waffle is more difficult than to master the crepe or pancake batter. The waffle batter cannot be runny because it will not raise in the waffle iron and cannot be thick because it will not spread through out the waffle iron.

2- The HEAT and the COOKING TIME:

Like the crepes, that first contact with the cooking surface is very important for it to cook correctly. While you prepare the batter, pre-heat the waffle iron on its maximum heat. Then, when you pour all the batter, flip the waffle iron and wait three minutes, flip to the other side and wait three more minutes for it to cook. Some waffle irons give you the advice for when to flip the machine.

This batter, my own original batter, is made of whole wheat flour, milled flax seed and coconut flour. These are my BASIC ingredients.

I topped this SPECIAL waffle with sauteed bananas, blueberries and a unique sauce prepared with the Icadelicias Almond Spread, unsweetened cocoa powder, organic agave and almond milk.



yield: 1 serving

For the waffle:

1/3cup whole wheat flour

1T milled flax seed

1T coconut flour

2tsp organic blackstrap molasses

water until consistency


Sauteed Bananas


Chocolate Almond Sauce:

2tsp Icadelicias Almond Spread      2tsp unsweetened cocoa powder      1tsp organic agave      2T almond milk 20160926_092429


For the waffle:

1- Pre-heat the waffle iron on maximum heat.

2- Mix all of the dry ingredients in a recipient. Slowly, add the water and the organic blackstrap molasses.

3- Mix until consistency (remember not runny neither thick)

4- Pour all of the batter into the waffle iron and flip the machine. Wait three minutes, flip, wait three more minutes and turn off the iron.

5- Carefully, without burning yourself, remove the waffle from the iron and serve it to the serving dish.

6- Add the toppings and the drizzle of sauce!

For the Chocolate Almond Sauce:

1- In a small recipient mix all of the ingredients until sauce consistency.

2- Drizzle it over the waffle and enjoy!


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