Now that I had master "The Waffle Technic", I want to make waffles anytime! So, I will provide you more waffles recipes and ideas! This waffle is special because I added a vegan protein powder. When I had my eating disorder, my nutritionist told me to start using a protein powder and to add it … Continue reading VEGAN PROTEIN WAFFLE

My First Waffle After A LOOOOOONG Time

Uuuuuuuf! I did not make waffles after a LONG time. Maybe, because my mornings were rushed or I was busy during the day, but it has changed! Now, I am not rushed in the mornings and am more organized during the day and that saves me time to make the perfect batter, wait for the … Continue reading My First Waffle After A LOOOOOONG Time

A Nutritios Nice Cream with Beautiful Colors

As you see in the picture the mango nice cream plus the spirulina nice cream made a BEAUTIFUL combination of colors in HARMONY. I am going to consider this combination for a wall in my apartment (hahahaha). So I made a double nice cream flavor consisting of mango and spirulina. Mangoes and Spirulina are both … Continue reading A Nutritios Nice Cream with Beautiful Colors

Rawnola for Chocolate Lovers!

Who are CHOCOLATE LOVERS like me!? As I have been telling you, I am in LOVE with Rawnola. It is so chewy that it does not upset my jaw and it has so many clumps that fascinate me! Like the granola that comes in different flavors, I was wondering if the same can happen with … Continue reading Rawnola for Chocolate Lovers!

DELICIOUS PANCAKES after a few weeks!

I did not have pancakes for breakfast since a few weeks! Today, I woke up and get inspired to make these Blueberry Pancakes topped with a Peanut Sauce. I used my heart shaped mold, but of course you can make them round. I used it because I like it, it makes them funnier. I did … Continue reading DELICIOUS PANCAKES after a few weeks!

A Chocolate Chia Pudding! <3

Yuum, yuuum, yuuum to the Chocolate Chia Pudding! This DELICIOUS, NUTRITIOUS and FUN Chocolate Chia Pudding is made with unsweetened cocoa powder, a pinch of organic agave and almond milk. Contrary to a regular chia pudding, this one requires more mixing in order for the cocoa to dissolve. It works as an energetic snack or … Continue reading A Chocolate Chia Pudding! ❤

A Dose of Vitamin A In a Bite

I am not a fanatic of making energy balls because I made a mess in the kitchen and my hands go sticky.  However, I made this Carrot Balls from Raw Manda and I loved them! I get so much fun, natural sweetness and Vitamin A! I do them over and over every time they run … Continue reading A Dose of Vitamin A In a Bite

Energy Truffles

This Energy Balls were one of my first and favorite recipes when beginning my vegetarian lifestyle and also when beginning my adventures in the kitchen. First, I must tell you that this kind of snacks were not my favorites because I used to make a mess with the batter when shaping them into balls. My … Continue reading Energy Truffles