Baked Plantain Chips


We exchanged avocados for plantains…

My best friend gave me cluster of plantains that his grand father grown. Here in Puerto Rico is very common to have plantain plants in the yard.

Obviously, having so many plantains in my kitchen, entertained during the weekend. I decided to make plantain chips with the half of the plátanos and I sauteed the other half which I will also provide you the recipe.

This baked plantain chips are pretty healthy and can be use for a snack, a pick me up or as many say for the”munchies”. With this baked plantain chips recipe you have a vegan, healthy and delicious recipe. The plantain chips are really easy and fast to do. You add the flavor you like the most (I used sea salt, garlic and oregano). The best fact of this recipe is that you can control how much salt you add to the chips because the plantain chips that many markets sell, usually contain high amounts of sodium.

Have fun and eat plantain chips!


2 plantain

a drizzle of organic coconut oil

sea salt, garlic powder and oregano to sprinkle on top


1- Turn on you oven at 180°C.

2- Cut the plantains in very thin slices.

3- Drizzle the oil in an oven tray and put the plantain slices.

4-Now, sprinkle the spices on top.


5- Put in the oven for ten minutes.

6- Take out and carefully, using a tweezers, turn every plantain chip and bake another 10mins.

7- Take out of the oven and let cool completely.


8- Once cooled, enjoy or store in a contain in the fridge.

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