The  Spirulina Chia Pudding has been my favorite so far! This morning, I woke up creative and wanted to have a different breakfast. Besides, I was getting influenced by my IG account that was fulfilled many parfait creations. I built this parfait playing with the colors, textures and of course, flavors. I buil this parfait … Continue reading VEGAN, COLORFUL & DELICIOUS ENERGIZING BREAKFAST PARFAIT


Rice is a fundamental food in many countries. In Puerto Rico, a typical dish is rice with beans. My grandmother ALWAYS cooks rice with beans and although it is not quiet a complete nutrition dish, it is a resolve when one arrives home hungry! There are a lot of myths regarding rice... ...that it is … Continue reading A NUTRITIOUS, DELICIOUS AND COLORFUL LUNCH!


CORNMEAL IS THE NEW OATMEAL! For a quick breakfast, I usually had an oatmeal but I to notices that my body was not responding positively to oats so I changed oats for cornmeal. Of course, the are NOT SIMILAR in NUTRITION, FLAVOR, NOR TEXTURE but cornmeal works REALLY GOOD for me. The cornmeal cooks similarly … Continue reading CORNMEAL IS MY NEW OATMEAL!

Baked Plantain Chips

We exchanged avocados for plantains... My best friend gave me cluster of plantains that his grand father grown. Here in Puerto Rico is very common to have plantain plants in the yard. Obviously, having so many plantains in my kitchen, entertained during the weekend. I decided to make plantain chips with the half of the … Continue reading Baked Plantain Chips


So this is what happens when you do not have organic coconut oil neither organic agave to make your granola...RAWNOLA! Raw-nola is raw granola. It is super easy to do and requires lots of less ingredients and time. This rawnola recipe is an adaptation from RawManda. First, you must need the differences between the granola … Continue reading Rawnola

Classical Nice Cream, The Easiest Way To Start Making Nice Creams

You scream, I scream, we scream for NICE CREAM! Nice Creams have been my salvation during this summer. They always refresh me at any time of the day that I enjoy them. Besides,they are SO HEALTHY because they have a considerable amount of fruits or veggie servings. They are also packed with antioxidant, minerals and … Continue reading Classical Nice Cream, The Easiest Way To Start Making Nice Creams

The Creamiest Nice Cream I Had Ever Made!

This has been the nice cream with the best texture that I had ever made until now. It is very fluffy and creamy. I combined a raspberry  nice cream and a blueberry nice cream. Both are a baby color; baby pink and lilac. The combination of raspberries and blueberries is so powerful because of the … Continue reading The Creamiest Nice Cream I Had Ever Made!

Peacefully Enjoy A Papaya Smoothie!

August arrived and the heat is on but accompanied with humidity and rain so it makes one sweat sticky. So after a tiring a day delivering orders plus finishing my enrollment at the university, I urgently needed a refreshing and energy packed snack. This smoothie consists of only papaya, water and ice to make it … Continue reading Peacefully Enjoy A Papaya Smoothie!


YOU DO NOT NEED ANY ANIMAL PROTEIN WHEN IT COMES TO THIS QUINOA AND LENTIL SOUP! This protein and fiber rich course is an inspiration of my own. It has quinoa and lentils as main ingredients which both are known to have complete protein. It also contains onions, ginger, garlic, ginger and cilantro. So you … Continue reading YOU DO NOT NEED ANY ANIMAL PROTEIN WITH THIS QUINOA AND LENTIL SOUP!

A Colorful and Fun Salad!

This funny salad recipe IS an adaptation from Lisa Goes Vegan, that you can fin her on Instagram or on her website lisagoesvegan. I used the word FUN because this salad has ALL the TEXTURES, FLAVORS  and COLORS. The sweet potato adds a bright orange color, a soft texture and a sweet taste. The onions … Continue reading A Colorful and Fun Salad!