Black Bean Vegan and Gluten Free Burger!


Do not think it twice to have a vegan lifestyle! Vegans do not suffer from abstaining of eating foods such as burgers! There are myriads of recipes to prepare a vegan and even gluten free burger. This recipe that I will provide you is an adaptation from Hana Mendes. These burgers consist of black beans and oats. The black beans are the primary ingredient and source of energy. The oats provide consistency. The remaining ingredients such as the onion and spices bring flavor. From the recipe, I get 12 burgers which six of them I cooked them in the oven and the other half I cooked them in the pan. Either way cooked in the pan or in the oven, they will be delicious, soft, moist and “meaty”. The oven cooked method lasts longer than if cooked in the pan. However is your decision either to cook the burgers in the pan or in the oven.

The texture of the burgers is so perfect that it feels like real beef. I served two burger buns between two pita buns with spinach and a side of baby carrots hummus blended with tomatoes. Depends on your level of hunger you may want to eat one or two burger. Another option to enjoy this Black Bean Vegan and Gluten Free Burger is in a salad with spinach, tomatoes, carrots and olive oil.



yield: 12 burgers

2.5 cups cooked black beans

1 cup oats

1/2 onion chopped

1T cilantro

a pinch of sea salt

a pinch of garlic powder

a pich of paprika


Pita buns



Hummus with tomatoes:

1 cup chickpeas

1/2cup tomatoes


For the burgers:

1- Pre-heat the oven at 170ºC.

2- In a food processor blend the black beans until hummus consistency.

3- After, add the oats, onion and spices. Blend until everything is mixed.

4- Take out an oven flat tray and add coconut oil.

5- Take a quantity of the batter about the size of your palm and flatten in the oven tray. Repeat the process.


6- Let the burgers cook for 20 minutes for one side and 10 minutes to the other side.

*7- If you are going to cook in the pan: Add coconut oil to the pan on medium heat.

8- Add an amount of the batter like you were going to cook pancakes.

9- Cook for 10 minutes or until the burger looks firm and flip. Let cook 5-8 minutes and transfer to the serving dish or storing bowl.


For the hummus with tomatoes:

1- Put everything in the food processor until homogeneous.

For assembly:

1- In a bun, add the spinach and then add the burger.

2- Put the other bun on top.

3- In a side of the dish add a quantity of the hummus and carrots.


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