A Vegan Crepe Inspired in Two Naturally Sassy’s Recipes


This crepe is a blast! It is full of color, texture and flavor. The filling and topping are both recipes from Naturally Sassy. The filling is the Red Berry Mousse amd the topping is the Baked Bananas with Date Caramel Sauce recipe. Instead of baking the bananas, I heated them in the pan and then toasted some pistachios with them. The date caramel sauce is very simple to prepare. You only need to blend the dates with the water and include other flavoring that you would like. I added ginger and the flavor is  amazing!

I thought that the crepe was going to be too sweet with the mousse, banana, plus the caramel sauce, but surprisingly, it was well balanced. The Red Berry Mouse added a tpuch of bitternes. The pistachios added a bit of saltiness and of course, a crunchy texture. The bananas brought a touch of sweetness while the ginger caRamel sauce added a pinch of spiciness.



For the crepe:

1/4 cup whole wheat flour

1T coconut flour

A pinch of salt

A pinch of cinnamon

1/2 cup of water

For the Ginger Caramel Date Sauce:

A small piece of fresh fresh ginger

1/4cup dates

1/2 cup of water approximately


Red Berry Mousse

1 banana cut in four halves

1T pistachios


For the Ginger Date Caramel Sauce:

1- Carefully, blend all of the imgrediemts until a homogeneous and caramel texture.

2- Transfer to a storing bowl and set aside.

For the crepe:

1- Turn on a pan on medium heat with a dirzzle of organic coconut oil.

2- In a recipient, mix all of the dry ingredients and carefully add the water. Mix until everything is well mix.

3- Now, pour all of the batter into the pan and cook until golden for anput three minutes and flip. Cook another minute.

4- Transfer the cooked crepe to the serving dish.


For the hot bananas with toasted pistachios:

1- In small pan on low heat with organic coconut oil add the four halves of bananas and cook until golden and aromatic.

2- Add the pistachios until aromatic.


For the assembly:

1- Add about 1/4 cup of the Red Berry Mousse to the crepe and roll the crepe.


2- On top of the crepe, add the hot bananas with the toasted pistachios and finally, drizzle the Ginger Date Cadamel Sauce. Enjoy!


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