Cashew Spread Oatmeal

This Cashew Spread Oatmeal is icadelicious, creamy and nutritious. This bowl warms you up during this Christmas Season. I topped my oatmeal with chopped and seedless grapes, but you can top it with any fruit or seed, and if you are a cashew lover you can even add a drizzle of cashew spread. Cashews are … Continue reading Cashew Spread Oatmeal

Ginger Couscous Porridge

This Porridge is an alternative to oatmeals. It still warm, healthy and nutritious but since it is made with couscous, you will obtain essential amino acids that the oatmeal does not provides. For the couscous porridge, you have to add the double amount of liquid or more for it to be smooth and perfectly cooked. I add … Continue reading Ginger Couscous Porridge

Banana Vegan Pancakes

This pancakes are smooth and moist full of banana flavor. This breakfast dish is ideal for those banana lovers like me! Bananas are the best food for vegans because it is a nutritional dense fruit with lots of vitamins, nutrients and macros. Bananas also have a myriad of uses in the kitchen and are a … Continue reading Banana Vegan Pancakes

Raspberry Nice Cream

Raspberries are a super fruit. They contain high amounts of antioxidants and are considered as a berries low in sugar, and are an anti-inflammatory. This Raspberry Nice Cream is refreshing and nourishing. I topped it with dark chocolate pieces, raspberries and Pecan Spread. This dish was super easy and fast to prepare. I did not … Continue reading Raspberry Nice Cream

Cocoa Peanut Spread

You can either drizzle Cocoa Peanut spread on your oatmeal or use it as the main ingredient. This oatmeal has the pure cocoa flavour and also the peanut one. This breakfast is perfect to enjoy during a cold morning. This oatmeal is not like the others that you can leave them boiling. You need to … Continue reading Cocoa Peanut Spread

Vanilla Vegan Pancakes Topped with Pecan Spread Ice Cream

"Pancakes topped with Ice Cream?", "Is that even possible?", "Does the ice cream melts?" Yes, those are Vanila Vegan Pancakes topped with Pecan Spread Ice Cream: G L O R Y! It is the funniest way to eat your pancakes because you already have the sweetness of the ice cream and secondly, the ice cream will … Continue reading Vanilla Vegan Pancakes Topped with Pecan Spread Ice Cream

Pecan Spread Ice Cream

What a better way to make and eat Butter Pecan Ice Cream! Of course, I used my Pecan Spread so the correct name for this ice cream is Pecan Spread Ice Cream. You can have a delightful treat without colorants, artificial flavors nor sugars and preservatives. This ice cream contains healthy fats, nature’s carbohydrates and … Continue reading Pecan Spread Ice Cream

Espresso Cocoa Peanut Spread Vegan Pancakes

Espresso Cocoa Peanut Spread Vegan Pancakes? It has a loooooong name, but what if I told you that they should really be named as Espresso Cocoa Peanut Spread Fudge Vegan Pancakes. That is a way longer, but lets call them only as the main ingredient: Cocoa Peanut Spread Pancakes :D. Many of you always ask … Continue reading Espresso Cocoa Peanut Spread Vegan Pancakes