Green French Toasts


I have to mention that I was too excited to make this french toasts because I wanted to see the result of the green color but I was not too sure about the flavor because spinachs have a strong veggie taste. Non the less, the result was an explosive and indescribable taste! I added 1T of brown sugar and coconut essence. Until now, they are one of the tastiest french toasts.


Ingredients:                                                                                                                                                                                     yield: 1 person

2slices of bread         6T eggwhites         1/2cup-2/3cup green juice         1T brown sugar        1/2tsp coconut essence

Toppings: peanut butter, berries, bananas, nuts, dark chocoalte chips



Take out two flat bowls. In one bowl pour the spinach juice with the coconut essence and sugar. Mix until combined. In the other bowl froth the eggwhites. Second, turn on a pan on medium heat and drizzle coconut oil.

Now, swamp the bread first in the green juice until well coated and then pass it through the eggwhites until well coated. Put the french toasts in the pan and cook 2 minutes for one side. Flip and cook another 2 minutes.


Once they are tender but cooked, transfer them to the serving dish and add the desire toppings.


If the batter remains, cook it as an scrambled egg.


Nutritional facts may vary upon the type of bread and toppings.


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