Guava Crepe


Look at those beautiful pictures, aren’t they sexy? This Guava Crepe is unique in every way. It looks pretty, its texture is soft and moist, its flavor is sweet and everything is delicious. I filled it with greek yogurt and topped it with pieces of half a guava, slices of banana, a drizzle of peanut butter and a drizzle of a vanilla honey that I prepared.

The crepe only contain whole wheat flour, brown sugar and coconut essence. The last one is not obligatory but is a most. If you do not have coconut essence, then you may add vanilla. I want to keep the ingredients simple in order to preserve the light pink color. I mixed all of the ingredients with a guava juice I made. I cut three medium guavas and blend them with a piece of ginger and water.

As I wrote on one of my entries, the quality of your vanilla is very important. This vanilla syrup has an explosive flavor that will boost the dish flavor level.

I turned a French dish (the crepe) into a Boricua one (the element of the guavas). This tropical breakfast is light and ideal to delight in the morning with the breeze and the singing of the birds.


Ingredients:                                                                                                                                                                                      yield: 1 person

1/4cup whole wheat flour       2tsp brown sugar         1/2tsp coconut essence          guava juice for mixing

For the filling: 1/3cup greek yogurt

For the vanilla syrup: 1.5tsp honey         1/2tsp vanilla

Optional toppings: slices of a banana, guava pieces, peanut butter


Procedure:                                                                                                                                                                                         First, turn on you stove top on medium heat and drizzle coconut oil in the pan.

For the vanilla honey: In a small glass mix the vanilla with the honey until homogeneous and set aside.

Now, in a bowl mix all of the ingredients of the crepe with the guava juice until consistency.


Second, pour all of the batter into the center of the pan and make small circle movements in order for the batter to spread.


Let it cook until darker and firm in the edges and center (about 7min). Then, flip the crepe and let cook 2 more minutes. Transfer the crepe to the serving dish. Add the greek yogurt and fold the crepe. Finally add the toppings that will bring personality to your crepe and drizzle the vanilla honey.


Nutritional facts without the toppings: 0.5g fat      37g carbohydrates      4g protein


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