The Green Waffle


This green waffle will power up your morning. You will feel like Hulk! I made this waffle by mixing my ingredients with spinach juice that I blended. Then, I added vanilla and coconut essence to hide the vegetable taste. Be sure to use white ingredients as possible because otherwise your waffle will not be that green although you still will be consuming a vegetable serving. You may use rice flour or white flour. Use coconut or white sugar instead of brown sugar. If you are adding vanilla, it must be the white one. I highly recommend to add coconut essence. It gives a different and tasteful flavor.


You may add a pinch of mint essence and easily make mint pancakes.

I topped the pancakes with berries, a bit of greek yogurt and a guava mango salsa. I made this salsa with a mango-guava salsa that the sir from the products “Antojitos de mangó” gifted to me because he was very grateful that I supplied him a big bag of organic mangoes form my grandmother’s yard. I dilute 2 tsp of jelly with water and mix with a fork until getting the consistency. It was sweet and tasted unique.


Antojitos de mangó offers different types of mango jellies. You can find them on Facebook as: Antojitos de mangó. They are also located in La placita in Plaza Las Américas which is open form Thursday to Sunday. They are also every first Sunday of each month in Mercado Urbano at Ventana al Mar, Condado.


Ingredients:                                                                                                                                                                       yield: 1 person

1/4cup whole wheat flour (or any white flour)         2tsp brown sugar (or any white sugar)                       1/2tsp coconut essence       1/2tsp vanilla essence     1/2tsp baking powder          spinach juice for mixing

Toppings: 1/4cup greek yogurt, berries

For the mango-guava salsa: 2tsp mango-guava jelly       1T water


Procedure:                                                                                                                                                                       First, turn on your waffle iron on maximum heat.

Now, mix all of the ingredients in a bowl until consistency.


Pour all of the batter into the waffler iron and let cook for 5 minutes on both sides. Once cooked, transfer the pancake to the serving dish.

For the mango-guava salsa: Simply mix the jelly with the water until salsa consistency.

Finally, add the topping for the waffle and pour over the salsa.


Nutritional facts may vary upon the type of ingredients used and toppings.


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