Coffee Waffle


Coffee is the second beverage most drink after water. We all love this amazing beverage that help us in everything and bring cheers. It is not a new that coffee is one of my favorite flavors for my dishes: pancakes, oatmeal, french toasts and now, waffles. I can’t leave home or start my day without my morning coffee. Believe me, I had try it several times and first, I am sleepy, second, I get grumpy easily and third one, it gives me headache.


This Coffee Waffle is topped with a chocolate cornstarch. Each time I get out of stock of greek yogurt, I use cornstarch. I know that nutritionally talking, they are not the same. Greek yogurt is a protein source and cornstarch is just carbs, but the healthy ones. Anyways, I have fun cooking with cornstarch and it perfectly works as a frosting. It is tricky to work with this ingredient, but practice makes perfection. The tip here is to not let the cornstarch thicken in the sauce pan. In the moment that you see a change in the texture, that is the right moment to turn off the stove and serve it. Another tip, is to be stirring continuously in a delicate and circular motion. This is key to avoid clumps. But if clumps occur, there is a solution! Blend the cornstarch and taaaddaaa!


Aside form the frosting, I topped this waffle with strawberries and mango…cuz you already now I have mangoes for a year! To finish, I prepare a coffee and vanilla syrup. I simply mix black coffee, vanilla and honey until well combined and pour it over the waffle.

BOOM! Breakfast is served.


Ingredients:                                                                                                                                                                     yield: 1 person

1/4cup whole wheat flour           1/2tsp baking powder        1/2tsp coffee flour        2tsp brown sugar       black coffee for mixing

For the cornstarch:   2T cornstarch          1T dark chocolate chips          1/2cup almond milk

For the syrup: 1tsp coffee     1/2tsp vanilla       2tsp honey

Additional toppings: fruits


Procedure:                                                                                                                                                                       First, turn on your waffler machine on maximum heat.

In a bowl mix all of the ingredients for the waffle with black coffee until consistency. Now, pour all of the batter in the waffler iron and cook during five minutes on each side. Once cooked, remove the waffle, carefully, and transfer it to the serving dish.

Now, make the cornstarch. First, dissolve the cornstarch with the almond milk. Add the chocolate chips and start to cook on medium heat stirring constantly. The chocolate will be dissolving. Once the texture changed, turn off the stove and pour the cornstarch over the waffle in the serving dish.


For the syrup, mix all of the ingredients and pour it over the waffle.


Finally add your additional toppings to make this an extraordinary breakfast!


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