Curry Pancakes


I once added curry to a crepes and they tasted incredibly amazing so I decided to make curry pancakes. This pancakes have vanilla, brown sugar and curry. They tasted sweet and unique. The feeling in your mouth is not spicy but a little bit hot. The moistness in them makes you not to use any dressing at all.


I dished them in layers with tuna, vegan cheese and a spring mix. The cheese melted between each pancake making each bite unforgettable.


I had tuna as my protein source, but you can either make them vegan or try another source of protein. You can even turn them into a sweet course with fruits and a nut butter. I am pretty sure that it will be a blast with the curry flavor.

I garnish them with a few spring mix leaves to add color and nutrients.


Ingredients:                                                                                                                                                       yield: 1 person

1/4cup whole wheat flour         2tsp brown sugar       a pinch of salt       1/2tsp vanilla       1/4tsp baking powder       1/2 or 1tsp curry powder     water for mixing

Additional: one slice of vegan cheese          spring mix leaves          2oz canned tuna


Procedure:                                                                                                                                                           In a bowl mix all of the ingredients of the pancakes and mix with water until consistency. Turn on a stove top at medium heat and spray coconut oil in a pan. Pour a batch of the batter and let cook until bubbles appear. Now, is time to flip them and let cook for another minute. Repeat the process until the batter finished. Transfer the cooked pancakes to the serving dish.

Take out a slice of cheese and split it in halves. Put the halves on top of each pancake and then, add an amount of the tuna. In the top add the spring mix leaves.

You may drizzle olive oil for a touch.


Nutritional facts: 7g fat       31g carbohydrates        17g protein

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