Crepes With Froyo On Top


Dessert for breakfast? What do you think of this vanilla crepes topped with froyo?

I garnish them with granada arils, homemade mango juice with ginger, tumeric and water and a drizzle of coconut oil on top of the cold ice cream.

For the froyo, just scoop greek yogurt into a small recipient and store it in the freezer about one our or overnight. You can add any flavor to your greek yogurt. Some examples are: peanut butter, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, coconut, coffee,etc. Making froyo is a healthy substitute to ice cream. It has less sugar, fats and it is high in protein

You may also make the crepe with other flavor rather than vanilla. Seriously, these crepes are one of the best crepes that I have done. They tastes like sweet vanilla. What I did different was not to add salt to the batter. You can cook one big crepe, two medium or three small size batches.

This is a type of dish where you have to use your creativity to make it extraordinary. Think of the best flavors and how to garnish it for it to be pretty and attractive.


The froyo will be melting in your hot crepes.


Ingredients;                                                                                                                                                                     yield: 1 person

1/4cup whole wheat flour         2tsp brown sugar           1/2tsp vanilla      nutmeg and cinnamon to taste      water for mixing

1/2cup greek yogurt

Optional toppings: granada arils, mango juice, drizzle of coconut oil, fruits, nuts, seeds, butter, honey


Procedure:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 First, scoop the greek yogurt and put it in the freezer for an hour or overnight.

In a recipient mix the flour, sugar, and spices for the crepes. Then, add the vanilla and mix with water until consistency. Turn on a pan on medium heat and spray coconut oil. Pour the desire amount of the batter and let cook about 3minutes until firm and with a darker color. Flip and let cook another minute. Once done, transfer the crepes to the serving dish.

Now, scopp the frozen greek yogurt on top of your crepes and add the desire toppings. Enjoy!


Nutritonal facts for the vanilla crepes and froyo: 0.5g fat         35g carbohydrates         15g protein

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