Sweet Potato French Toasts

Yet another breakfast recipe that will transform your kitchen with the delicious and sweet aroma. This french toasts are smooth, sweet, healthy and nutritious. The texture is soft. It was pretty fun to experiment with this recipe. Sweet potatoes are my favorites kind of tubercules. They are naturally sweet and possess many vitamins and minerals … Continue reading Sweet Potato French Toasts

Coffee Waffle

Coffee is the second beverage most drink after water. We all love this amazing beverage that help us in everything and bring cheers. It is not a new that coffee is one of my favorite flavors for my dishes: pancakes, oatmeal, french toasts and now, waffles. I can't leave home or start my day without … Continue reading Coffee Waffle

Mango Waffle

Waffles and pancakes are like muffins and cupcakes. They may be similar but are quite different. There is a difference in their mixture, texture and obviously shape. My waffles usually have more ingredients than my pancakes. For example, they have more baking powder, a pinch of salt and sweeteners as brown sugar and vanilla. They … Continue reading Mango Waffle

Mango Pancakes

If life give you mangoes...make everything mango! Lately, I had make mango juice, ice cream, jelly, desserts and so far: oats, crepe, waffle and pancakes. It has bring a unique flavor to all these mango recipes. They bring a natural sweet flavor and brilliant color. It also brought a smooth and juicy texture to the … Continue reading Mango Pancakes

Mango Oatmeal

  This Mango Oatmeal is naturally sweet and delicious. I made them with a homemade mango juice. I used two mangoes, tumeric, ginger and water. I simple blend them until obtain the juice consistency. I store it in a crystal bottle in the refrigerator. For the oatmeal, simply add the mango juice when cooking them. … Continue reading Mango Oatmeal

Red Velvet French Toasts

Continuing with the topic of artificial food coloring vs natural, I cooked these Red Velvet French Toasts. I could have easily added red 1 or 2 but instead I looked for natural ingredients that would bring taste and nutriments to my dish. I used strawberries and rasberries. I did not have to add sugar and … Continue reading Red Velvet French Toasts

Blue French Toasts

Food coloring or dye are chemicals used to bring color to food. These can be based of petroleum, synthetic, coal tar and FD&C. There exist: blue 1, 2, green 3, red 40, 3 and yellow 5, 6, and many others. The FDA has approved some of the dyes for food production which is labeled "FD&C". … Continue reading Blue French Toasts

Cold Brew Coffee

Ever tried an iced coffee? I was refused to drink iced coffee because I was deeply in love with my lattes and cappuccinos. The effect of happiness that brought an americano was unchangeable. I also thought that drinking iced coffee was like destroying the essence of what is the experience of drinking pure coffee. But … Continue reading Cold Brew Coffee

Coconut Waffle With Tuna and Crispy Chickpeas

This is an awesome dish with a variety of textures, flavors and colors. I made coconut waffles with coconut milk and coconut essence. I use the coconut essence in many recipes. It gives food a special taste and no one will guess what it is. My grandmother gifted me this coconut essence bottle form her … Continue reading Coconut Waffle With Tuna and Crispy Chickpeas

Curry Pancakes

I once added curry to a crepes and they tasted incredibly amazing so I decided to make curry pancakes. This pancakes have vanilla, brown sugar and curry. They tasted sweet and unique. The feeling in your mouth is not spicy but a little bit hot. The moistness in them makes you not to use any … Continue reading Curry Pancakes