Orange Pancakes

Orange Pancakes (10)

I made some orange pancakes, but they are not so orange colored. I used an orange, carrot and tumeric in order to create a beautiful, brilliant and healthy orange color. I blend these ingredients with ginger and water.

These pancakes deliver you the proterties of the orange, carrots, tumeric and ginger. These fruit, vegetable and roots provides you lots of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and benefits. These pancakes are antiinflamtory, anticancer, antiviral and antimicrobial.

The pancakesare very soft, sweet, super spongy and a bit spicy. I topped them with a coconut cornstarch, berries, kiwi and a piece of orange.

Orange Pancakes (9)

Ingredients:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              yield: 1 person

For the juice: one orange peeled             one big carrot shredded        2tsp tumeric           2tsp ginger        water to dissolved

For the panckes: 1/4cup whole wheat flour        2tsb white sugar       1/4tsp baking soda     a pinch of salt, nutmeg and cinnamon       orange, carrrot, tumeric and ginger juice for mixing purpose

Orange Pancakes (1)

Optional toppings: 1/3greek yogurt          berries         fruits       orange     cinammon        honey        nut butter

If using cornstarch:  2Tcornstarch        1/2tsp coconut essence       water for mixing

Orange Pancakes (4)

Procedure:                                                                                                                                                                       For the juice: Add all of the ingredients in a blender and blend with water until liquid.

Orange Pancakes (19)

For the panckes: Mix all of the ingredients in a bowl and mix with the juice until pancakes consitency.

Orange Pancakes (18)

Turn on a pan on medium heat and spray coconut oil. Pour an amount of the pancake batter and cook until bubbles appear. Flip and cook another minute. Orange Pancakes (17)Orange Pancakes (16)

Transfer the pancakes to the serving dish and add the preferred toppings.

Orange Pancakes (7)

For the cornstarch frosting: In a small casserole dissolve the cornstarch with water and the coconut essence. Once it is completely dissolved, cook it on medium heat stirring constantly. Once the cornstarch begins to thickens, take out from the heat and pour over the pancakes.

Orange Pancakes (15)

Now, add the desire toppings.

Orange Pancakes (8)

Nutrtional facts (just fot the pancakes): 0.5 g fat        33g carbohydrates        4g protein

Orange Pancakes (2)Orange Pancakes (11)Orange Pancakes (12)Orange Pancakes (13)

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