Curry Crepe Filled With Eggplant Salad


Eggplants are a purple vegetable. It contains antioxidants and phytonutrients such as phenolic, chlorogenic and nasunin. This las one is a potent antioxidant and free radical scavenger that has been shown to protect cell membranes from damage. Chlorogenic acid is antimutagenic, antimicrobial and antiviral. Eggplants improve circulation. It is knowed to reduce bad cholesterol. This vegetablecan prevent arteriosclerosis. It contains minerals such as calcium, sodium, phosphorous, iron and potassium. As for the vitamins, we can found A, C, B1 and B2. The flesh or pulp og the eggplant can be applied to the skin if there is an irritation or burn.

Eggplants are a great food for vegetarians and vegans. You can eat it raw, grilled, sautted, baked, boiled or puree. You can make soups, appetizers and entrees. It is a nutritious vegetable from which you can get the most out of it.


This is a delicious crepe for a not sweet breakfast, for a meal or light diner. Everything in this dish is homemade. It has chopped onions, green  pepper and eggplants. I made a tomato sauce wiht basil, oregano and se salt. I sautted the vegetables with a bit of olive oil and when they were tender, I added the tomato sauce and let it incorporate to the vegetables a few minutes. This salad can be used as a compliment, for a sandwich, a nutritious snack, etc. Use your imagination for leftovers.


The crepe dough is make with the original recipe but I added a dash of curry. It tastes incredibly delicious and a bit sweet and spicy.


Ingredients:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             yield: 1 person

For the crepe: 1/4cup whole wheat flour       a pinch of salt      1/4tsp vanilla      1/2tsp curry       2tp brown sugar    water for mixing

For the eggplant salad: one whole eggplant cut in small pieces         2big tomatoes       one onion chopped       one pepper cut (any color)

Optional: 3oz tofu       scrambled egg


Procedure:                                                                                                                                                                         For the eggplant salad: Take out a casserole and boil some water. When the water is boiling, put the tomatoes and cook them until the skin is wrinkle. Take out the tomatoes and put them in iced water and set them aside. In the  same casserole boil the chopped eggplants until soft. Take out the skin of the tomatoes and put them in a food processor with basil leaves and sea salt to taste and set aside. Once the eggplant is soft, turn off the stove top. Now, turn on a pan and drizzle olive oil. Cook the onions and green pepper. Incorporate the eggplant and cook everything together for 5mins. Pout the tomato sauce and lower the heat. Let cook until everything is incorporated and turn off the stove.


For the crepe: Mix all the ingredients and add water until crepe consistency. Turn on a pan on medium heat and spray coconut oil. Pour all the batter and cook until the center is firm (about2mins). Then, flip the crepe and cook one more minute.


While the crepe is cooking you may prepare the tofú or other source of protein.

Transfer the cooked crepe to the serving dish and fill it with a portion of the eggplant salad.


Nutritional facts (just with the eggplant salad): 1.5gfat       32g carbohydrates         5g protein


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