Choose Your Pastry

This section, for now, applies to those people living or visiting in Puerto Rico. You can place your order by writing me to: and I will get in contact with you as soon as possible to coordinate the place of delivery.

Cocoa and Granada Muffins


Fluffy muffins that will surprise you with each bite you take because you can get a bitter dark chocolate chip or a sweet piece of granada aril.

Individual: $1.25                                                                                                                                                                                                               WP_20150221_017

Half dozen (6 muffins): $5.50


Nutritional facts: 2.5g fat     19g carbohydrates     5g protein



Banana and Blueberry Muffins


Not sweet enough to get two of them! Soft and spongy, you will love these muffins for your coffee or tea break.


Individual: $1.25


Half dozen (6muffins): $5.50


Nutritional facts: 2g fat     19g carbohydrates     3g protein


Peanut Butter Cookies

These chewy and sweet cookies have only three simple, natural and healhty main ingredients: oats, banana and peanut butter. Then, I added dark chocolate chips in order to boost their flavor and nutritional content. They are ideal to eat with a hot milk at night or as a meal during the day or even for a sweet biter after lunch or dinner.


One cookie: $1.00


1/2 dozen (six cookies): $6.00


The cookies are a medium size.


Nutritional facts for one cookie: 8.68g fat     15.55g carbohydrates     6.21g protein


Lemon Coconut Ginger Muffins


These Lemon Coconut Ginger muffins are gluten free! They are made with oat and coconut flour. Their texture is like a brandy cake and they are really moisture. Anywhere you take them, the aroma of lemon will be always present. In some bites you will get the spicy ginger shreds.                                                                          WP_20150322_007

Individual: $1.00


A dozen (12 muffins): $6.00


Nutritional facts per muffin: 7g fat      21g carbohydrates     2g protein


Sweet Potato Muffins

These muffins are really soft and moisture. When you bite them, you can see the sweet potato infused with the mixture. I made them a crunchy toppings with oats, pecans and brown sugar.


Individual: $1.00

A dozen (12 muffins): $6.00


Nutritional facts per muffin: 3.25g fat      21.71g carbohydrates      2.78g protein


Apple Cinnamon Granola

For $1.00 you can get this delicious granola that you can grab for any place and eat at any time. It has raisins, apples, oats, cinnamon, honey, coconut oil and pecans.


You can eat it also as a cereal for an energized meal or with greek yogurt.


Nutritional facts for 1/3cup: 5g fat       20g carbohydrates      2.83g protein


These brownies are really special because they have peppermint and are made of black beans. They soft, moist, juicy and goey. Black beans bring a perfect texture to this brownies. The peppermint is just perfect in each bite and leaves you a fresh breath. They are topped with pieces of organic candy canes. You can also order the original, mocha or coconut brownies for the same price.


Price for 16 brownies: $5.00


Price for one brownies is: .25cents


Nutritional facts: 2g fat      16g carbohydrates      5g protein

Blueberry Chia Jam

This jam is super healthy, sweet and spreadable. It is made with chia seeds in order to thicken. It also provides healthy fats for your body development and well function. Instead of lots fo sugar, this jam is sweetened with honey. I sell 8oz jam in a glass jar at $3.00.


These cinnamon rolls are fluffy, sticky and sweet. They pair perfectly with your coffe so you can grab one for a quick breakfast in rush mornings or for the coffee break.


These cinnamon rolls are vegan. They contain yeast which adds texture, volume and elasticity. The frosting is white conrstarch with vanilla and honey. They can also have a greek yogurt frosting.



On the interior they have pure honey and lots of cinnamon.


Price for one piece: $1.50


Price for 6: $9.00


Nutritional facts per cinnamon roll: 7g fat       43gcarbohydrates        6g protein

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