BeShanti is a healthy market located in front of Sagrado Corazón University in Santurce. They prepare healthy and delicious high quality food but their specialty are the cold press juices. These juices are made by their own in their stablishment. They have more than seven juices and a detox program. On Fridays, they offer yoga classes from 7am to 8am.

Their variety of juices includes every kind of vegetables, fruits and roots you can imagine. They have the BeStrong, BeHealthy, BeAggressive, BeGreen, BeNatural, BeNuts. Each one have a different purpose for the body. They boost the inmune system, protect the cells, give energy, revitalize, clean the blood, help the digestive system, function as an antibacterial, antifungi and antiinflamatory.


They have big açai bowls. The classic ($7.50) includes banana and granola. The peanut one includes peanut butter and the third one includes nutella. You can add any topping to you açai bowl such as fruits, seeds, nuts and butters. They are a great meal option before a ballet class. You can also order a smoothie with your favorite ingredients.


They prepare fresh wraps, sandwiches and salads.


They have hummus with veggies, chicken with almonds and yogurt and a veggie one.


For the salads they have one with quinoa.

You can always ask for the soup of the day.

On their refrigerator, they also have homemade chia puddings.


They also make coffee! Their coffee is really delicious and they prepare it cautiously. They have regular and almond milk for the coffee. You can have an espresso, a latte, a cappuccino, mocha or machiato. You can enjoy your coffee with a healthy cookie locally made.


The ambience is very peaceful. It is an ideal place to relax or have a nice conversation. They also have outside tables to enjoy your meal, coffee, study or read a book.

The owners are very jovial and happy. They serve you with delicacy and love. They are always careful about preparing the orders with quality.

Location: 1857 Ave. Juan Ponce De León con calle Rosales, San Juan, Puerto Rico                                                             Cellphone: 787-4083557 / 787-200-0660                                                                                                                           Schedule: Moday-Friday 7am-7pm     Saturdays: 8am-3pm                                                                                                   E-mail:

Facebook and Instagram: Beshanti

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